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Who Is Christian White? New Details On Faith Hill's Nephew And The DUI Manslaughter Charges He's Facing

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Who Is Christian White? New Details On Faith Hill's Nephew And The DUI Manslaughter Charges He's Facing

What is going on in Faith Hill's family? Her nephew Christian White is in jail in Port St. Lucie, Florida. On March 31, 2019 he was behind the wheel of his car when it crashed and killed Isabel Borges. Christian was riding a motorcycle when he tried to pass a minivan in a no passing zone. He collided with a Honda Civic being driven by Borges. She was pronounced dead at the scene. When authorities responded at the site of the accident, they found MDMA, popularly known as ecstasy or Molly, on White. He was charged with Manslaughter, Vehicular Homicide and Possession of MDMA. Police report that White had an odor of alcohol coming from his mouth and body and that his eyes were bloodshot, red and glassy. White is the son of Hill's biological brother Zachary. Faith Hill was put up for adoption when she was a child. Now, as he sits in jail, news comes out that White cannot afford an attorney to defend him. Who is Christian White?

1. Three beers

Christian White told officers at the scene that he had three beers between the hours of 10pm and 8am. He also reported that he was the designated driver for the night and stopped at several bars with a friend. They left to head home around 5:30am.


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2. Robbery arrest

Christian is being held on a $155,00 bond. He cannot be releaed as he has violated his parole from a past arrest for possession of cocaine. The police found six ecstasy pills in his front pocket. In January 2017, White was charged with robbery when he responded to an ad selling a rose gold iPhone 6s for $400. When he met the person selling the phone, he ripped it out of the victim's hand from the passenger seat of the car. He was arrested and held on $10,000 bail. 


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3. Cocaine arrest

In August 2017, Christian was arrested for possession of cocaine. When officers arrived to his home, they found three pounds of marijuana, 48 grams of cocaine, eight grams of methampetamine, a gun and various drug paraphenalia. 


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4. Search warrant

A search warrant has been issued for White's iPhone, 2 to 10 ml of blood and DNA evidence from the vehicle including body fluids, blood evidence, hair, fibers and more. White has requested a public defender and listed his income as $0.


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5. Aunt Faith

Faith Hill was put up for adoption as a baby. In 1993, she found her biological mother Paula White and brother Zachary. Her father Edwin White died in an automobile accident when Faith was 10. Faith Hill has an estimated net worth of $80 million. Many people are wondering where the 51-year-old country singer is and why she's letting her nephew rot in jail. The truth is, addiction runs in her family. Zachary White, Christian's father, was arrested in 1990 for attempting to snatch a woman's purse. Allegedly, he told police that he was trying to steal the purse to support his crack habit. Two months later he was arrested for stealing a Mazda and extorting its owner by demanding $200 for its return. 

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6. More problems for Zachary

Back in 2013, Wells Fargo bank sued Zachary White and his wife Nicki claiming they owed $207,705.31 in back mortgage payments. The house was foreclosed on and the couple was ordered to pay $255,490.07 in back mortgage, interest late charges and attorney's fees. Reportedly, Zachary had the means to pay the mortgage and just didn't. The house was sold in foreclosure for $114,000.  Nicki filed for divorce from Zachary in 2014 after 23 years of marriage. Zachary was ordered to pay $422 per month in child support and once again, did not. He was $3,500 behind in child support payments when the court ordered him to pay Nicki $19,500 for child support, orthodontic expenses, tax refund reimbursement and attorney's fees.


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7. He's been in jail for 7 months

Hill's nephew remains in custody in a Florida jail without bond after multiple court hearings, according to Radar.

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