30 Most Iconic 'Clueless' Quotes For When You're Totally Buggin'

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30 Of The Most Iconic Quotes From Clueless, For When You're Totally Buggin

In 1995, we were all introduced to the iconic film that is Clueless. Following the life of a Beverly Hills teenagers, Clueless' witty lines have made it a timeless classic watched by all.

Even with characters like Cher and Dionne, it's clear that money and status don't change how relatable every teenager's problems are, no matter the zip code. Read on as we dive into 30 of our favorite Clueless quotes from the film. 

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1. To kick off our list with the iconic

"As if."

2. When things go way over your head

"I was just totally clueless."

3. Talking politics

"It does not say RSVP on the Statue of Liberty."

4. The miracles of a proper nude lip

"God, this woman is screaming for a makeover."

5. When anything goes wrong

"Oh, my God. I'm totally buggin'."

6. It’s like... a very important designer

"This is an Alaia."

7. Humblebrag

"Oh, my God, do you see how he's falling in love with me?"

8. Fake it 'til you make it

"Do you have any idea of what you're talking about."

"No. But does it sound like I do?"

9. Full on deception 

"Do you think she's pretty?"

"She's a full-on Monet."

"From far away it's okay, but up close it's a big old mess."

10. What your bank account thinks of you

"You think that's all I do? I'm just a ditz with a credit card?"

11. Maybe consider a LuMee case?

"Did I stumble into some bad lighting?"

12. Closet full of clothes and...

"I have nothing to wear."

13. Two minutes into a workout

"My buns don't feel nothing like steel."

14. Honesty is the best policy

"Would you call me selfish?"

"No, not to your face."

15. Don't fall into unrequited love

"I like this boy, and he likes someone else."

16. If you have to say it...

"I drive really good, usually."

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17. The melodrama of high school relationships

"Searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie."

18. Your body is a temple

"You see how picky I am about my shoes, and they only go on my feet."

19. Watching PDA

"I had an overwhelming sense of ickyness."

20. Third wheeling like...

"You know, rollin' with the homies."

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21. Try using a new word in a sentence

"Sporadically. It means once in a while. Try to use it in a sentence."

22. The pros of helping others

"It's like that book I read in the 9th grade that said, 'Tis a far, far better thing doing stuff for other people.'"

23. Setting standards high

"I mean. I'm not prude. I'm just highly selective."

24. Practice self-love

"I sent myself love letters and flowers and candy."

25. The troubles of sixteen

"You're a virgin who can't drive."

26. Why did I spend $200 at Target?

"What's wrong? Are you suffering from buyer's remorse or something?"

27. There's room at the top

"Don't you want to use your popularity for a good cause?"

28. The trouble with everyone shopping at Forever21

"You look much better in that dress than she did."

29. Or H&M

"Was that you going through my laundry?"

30. Want to go to Sephora?

"Let's do a makeover."

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