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Who Is Adam Moonves? New Details On Les Moonves' Son, His Baby Mama, And Their Financial Drama

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Who Is Adam Moonves? New Details On Les Moonves' Son, His Baby Mama, And Their Financial Drama

Adam Mooves, the son of disgraced former CBS head Les Moonves, became a father last June. The 35-year-old had a short liaison with Gina DeMasi, which resulted in the birth of daughter Ari in 2018. But since then,  DeMasi says Adam hasn’t provided nearly enough help to support her and the baby in New York City. Adam and his very wealthy family — his father is worth an estimated $700 million — aren’t rushing to the aid of his baby. In fact, his mother, who is no longer married to Les Moonves, says that since Adam doesn’t work, he simply can’t afford to do much for his daughter.

Who is Adam Moonves? Read on for all the details.

1. Adam

Adam doesn’t have much of a social media presence and there aren’t a lot of public details about him or his life. Page Six reports that he is one of the investors in Chinatown bar Mr. Fongs in New York City. Other sources claim that he doesn’t have a job and allegedly splits his time between New York and LA. He had a brief relationship with Gina DeMasi, who works in the hospitality industry, but the two are not together now.

Adam isn't paying enough child support.

2. Famous family

Adam’s father is Les Moonves, the disgraced former head of CBS. He was ousted in 2018 over allegations that he committed sexual assault. He was forced out without his reported $120 million severance package, but thanks to compensation that was worth $57 million per year, according to Business Insider, he has a net worth of about $700 million. How he shares that with his family is unknown. DiMasi says she assumes that the elder Moonves gives an allowance or trust fund to Adam but Adam’s delays on revealing his financials mean she doesn’t know his true situation. He does, however, live in an apartment that he purchased (or was purchased for him ) for $1.8 million in 2017.

Moonves was denied his severance.

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3. Gina’s side

Gina says she is struggling to support her daughter in the notoriously high-cost city. According to Page Six she said:“Adam’s $2,500 a month just about covers health insurance and rent, but leaves me nothing for food. I work two days a week, and the rest from home. I want to support my daughter but Adam’s lawyer suggested it would be better if I give up work because it doesn’t make financial sense. I can barely afford food for us, I walk everywhere so I don’t spend any money on transport. I live extremely frugally, but still I can’t make ends meet. I asked Adam’s mom Nancy (Les’ first wife) for help… but she said the family doesn’t want to talk about money, she told me Adam is doing the best he can, he doesn’t work, so this is all he can afford.” Gina has been living in a tiny apartment for years but says it’s not sufficient for a child, saying “There’s roaches in our apartment, a teeny tiny Chinatown box, I found a roach on her high chair this week, I can’t do laundry downstairs because there’s roaches in the washing machine. I keep the apartment super clean but I am worried about Ari’s health.” 

Gina says her apartment isn't fit for children.

4. Adam’s response

Adam hasn’t commented on the child support allegations but his lawyer issued a statement alleging that Adam is providing plenty for his daughter, as well as seeing her twice a week. Page Six reports that the attorney says, “Adam…has always been committed to supporting his daughter, Ari. Adam began his support voluntarily, well before she was born. Adam has continued to provide substantial support and will do so for Ari’s lifetime. Adam and his family love his daughter very much, and deeply regret that others have chosen to publicize a private issue. Any claim that Adam has not met and exceeded his financial obligations is demonstrably false.” 

Adam pays voluntary child support.

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5. Unresolved

DeMasi makes it sound like the Moonves family are willing to be involved with baby Ari — just not with on-going financial support. She tells Page Six:  “The Moonves family seems to have a warped sense of reality about what my daughter needs. They have no problem spending hundreds of dollars on cashmere onesies, designer baby clothes from Bonpoint or Ralph Lauren for my daughter — that stuff is all for appearances. But they don’t want to talk about helping to get her into a cleaner, safer environment or discuss setting up a plan so she can be taken care of until she is 18.”

Baby Ari is 11 months old.

DeMasi is still hoping to remove this situation with Moonves amicably.

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