Who Killed Bradley Huey? New Details On The Unsolved Murder Of The 21-Year-Old From Mobile, Alabama

His family won't forget.

Who Killed Bradley Huey? New Details On The Unsolved Murder Of The 21-Year-Old From Mobile, Alabama wkrg.com

Losing someone to death is always hard. Losing someone who was murdered is unimaginable. Losing someone who was murdered and not knowing who did it — well that leaves the person's family and friends in a limbo that is sheer hell. That is what the loved ones of 21-year-old Bradley Huey have been going through for the last two years. On April 28, 2017, the young man was murdered and his body was found on the corner of Octavia and Vermillion in Mobile, Alabama. Who killed Bradley Huey?


1. Remembering his life

On the two-year anniversary of the day his life was so suddenly taken from him, Bradley Huey's sister Brooke Taylor and others gathered to remember his life and also are trying to light a fire under the minds of their community in the hopes that people may remember seeing something, anything, that will lead authorities to finally identify and arrest his killer. His sister Brooke said: "It still hurts the same as if it happened yesterday."


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2. He was shot

Brooke and other members of Bradley's family and friends gathered at the exact spot where he brother was killed. He was gunned down in the middle of the street at Vermillion and Octavia Drives in Mobile, Alabama. His sister said, "It happened in the blink of an eye. This could have been anybody's family." Huey had just left Brooke's home when he was shot. His car was found at a different location. 



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3. A robbery gone wrong?

It's been two years since Bradley Huey was shot and killed. Police believe that his murder may have been a robbery gone wrong. At about 12:00am on April 27, 2017 gunshots rang out. Lamar Lewis has lived at the intersection of Vermillion and Octavia Drives for almost 30 years and never saw anything like that. He said: "When I came outside there was a body lying right there and plenty of police cars." Another neighbor named Theresa said she and her niece woke up to the commotion outside their home: "I mean it's just scary to find a body can be laid in the street and you do not know anything, you didn't hear anything. We thought someone had gotten into the neighborhood, we saw my neighbors out and they said it was a dead body in the street, it had me going for the rest of the night, I tried to lay down I was really restless and it was scary, there's so much going on right now."


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4.  His sister won't give up

Police have no leads in the murder of Bradley Huey, not even two years later. Brooke Taylor said that his family and friends will gather in the spot where he was killed on the anniversary of his death every year until that have answers. "We still haven't forgotten, still can't go on without any justice. We need some closure. Maybe after that point, we can move forward," she said This is the second year that they've gathered in the spot to remember Bradley. "The family wanted to come together and do something positive in his name. Reopening a wound, I didn't want to continue on doing this, but we don't have closure, so I'm just going to keep on pushing," Brooke Taylor said.


If you have any information about Huey's death, to contact Mobile Police. They will continue to hold a memorial at the spot he was killed until they get answers. 


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