How Did John Havlicek Die? New Details On Death Of Legendary Celtics Player At 79

John Havlicek passed away on April 25th, 2019.

How Did John Havlicek Die? New Details On The Death of Legendary Celtics Player at 79 Instagram

It's sad when you say goodbye to anyone you know, for good, but the people in Boston have experienced a loss that truly hits home, John Havlicek. A man who has left his mark on basketball history, a man who has had great battles with other basketball stars, and has held records that solidify his greatness. How did John Havlicek die? Let's take a look at his story.

1. His early life

Born and raised in Ohio, he graduated from Bridgeport high school to play college basketball at Ohio State University. He tried out for the Cleveland Browns in the NFL but ultimately stuck to basketball as his passion.


2. Basketball Statistics 

John Havlicek, someone in the basketball world who was known to be a hustler, someone who never got tired, someone who took his team to 8-0 in the finals, took his last breath on April 25th. He suffered from Parkinsons disease and died at the age of 79. Havlicek played 16 seasons in the NBA, was an 8-time NBA champion, a 13-time all-star, the Celtics all-time leading scorer and a 1984 Hall of Fame inductee.

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3. His legendary battles and nickname

He was nicknamed Hondo based off of the 1963 movie of the same name. Back when he was competing he had great battles with Jerry West, a legendary Los Angeles Laker. Jerry also commented on his death by saying: “Playing in Boston, with so many great teams and so much success winning titles, the legend of John grew. He improved a lot through his career. It was a sign of how hard he worked at his game. Toward the end of his career, he became a terrific scorer.”

He was someone who was known for being a clutch player.

4. His family

John Havlicek leaves behind his wife, Beth Evans and children Chris and Jill. Chris Havlicek followed in his father's footsteps and played college basketball at the University of Virginia. He now lives in Flordia with his family. Jill played basketball, soccer, and lacrosse throughout high school and college. Like her brother, she attended the University of Virginia. Jill has four children and is married to Brian Buchanan, a former baseball player.


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5. Post-basketball career and death

Beth has always felt that charity is an important part of our society. Beth and John sat on the Board of Directors for The Genesis Foundation, which helps to save the lives of kids in danger. Even after the glory days of his Celtics career were over, John and Beth continued to work. They had homes in Massachusetts and Florida and John started a company, John Havlicek All Sports Products and owned Wendy’s franchises.


Beth made a statement about her husband's death: “It is with deep sadness that I, along with our son Chris, daughter Jill, and seven grandchildren, announce the passing of our beloved husband, father, and grandfather, John Havlicek. John was a proud man of integrity, moral character, and kindness, and was the Captain of our team. The entire Havlicek Family thanks you for your compassion during his valiant battle with Parkinson’s Disease. We would also like to thank the many dear friends and fans for the immeasurable support, respect, and love they continue to give to Number 17.”

6. The Celtics reaction

The Milwaukee Bucks started Game One of the NBA Playoffs against the Boston Celtics with a moment of silence before the game started.


Even though his journey has ended he has left his mark in the basketball world, and the hearts of Celtics fans.

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