Who Is Sherry Mondragon? New Details About The 10-Year Unsolved Murder Of A Texas Woman

Authorities believe she was killed by someone she knew.

Who Is Sherry Mondragon? New Details About The 10-Year Unsolved Murder Of A Texas Woman youtube

According to statistics from the FBI, roughly 40 percent of murder cases went unsolved in 2017 and those statistics continue baffle us, with Americans facing a one in three chance that their murder will go unsolved. And while we've seen cold case murders solved over the years, families who still don’t have answers continue to suffer and look for some kind of resolve.

In Amarillo, Texas, one family is still searching. Who is Sherry Mondragon?


On April 25th, 2009, Mondragon’s body was found wrapped in a rug, stuffed into a garage. According to autopsy results, Mondragon died from a gunshot wound to the back. She was 55 years old.

And 10 years later, her case remains unsolved, though investigators believe she was killed by someone she knew.

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Initially, her family reported her missing. Mondragon hadn’t been heard from since January 2009.

Said her father, Al Mondragon, “We knocked on her door and she didn’t answer, and her car was in her parking space. So we thought, maybe she is taking a shower or something. We left and came back 2 or 3 hours later and she still didn’t answer the door. Her car was still there, so right then and there, my wife and I figured something is wrong. They took our daughter’s life, but they ruined ours forever."


Investigators are still struggling to solve the case, and, in particular, haven’t received any tips about the rug. Could this rare rug have had something to do with Mondragon’s murder?

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Authorities say the rug is incredibly unique, with Lt. Erick Bohannon, with the Special Crimes Unit, commenting, “A unique aspect of this case was the rug that she was in, the members of the Special Crimes Unit elected to show pictures of that rug because it was very unique in hopes that someone would say ‘I’ve seen that before’.”

Investigators released images of the 9x6 area rug, hoping for leads.


Said Lt. Gary Trupe of the Potter-Randall Special Crimes Unit, “The design on the rug, it’s kind of a reversible deal where on one side it’s darker and the other side it’s lighter. But we think that somebody’s gonna recognize the birds that are on here facing each other. It’s kind of unique.”

In 2015, Mondragon’s family increased the reward for any information on their daughter’s death, increasing the total to $5,000.


Mondragon’s father continues to search for answers, and says he won’t give up finding out who took his daughter’s life. “It is so so sad. I can understand losing someone to an illness, but for someone to take their lives, it’s terrible, you just don’t expect it... I pray to God that I can tell that person or persons, in person that I forgive them, and I want to know why they killed her.”

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