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Who Is Dave Abrams? New Details On Jennie Garth's Current Husband Who Withdrew His Divorce Petition

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Who Is Dave Abrams? New Details On Jennie Garth's Current Husband Who Withdrew His Divorce Petition

He's Jennie Garth's third husband, and quite possibly, her last. But they came very close to divorcing recently. Who is Dave Abrams and what happened? According to Entertainment Tonight, Dave Abrams recently withdrew his divorce petition to Jennie Garth from the courts. He initially filed for divorce from the Beverly Hills, 90210 actress back in 2017. At the time, a representative for Jennie Garth said that the two were “taking time apart” to work on their marriage. The couple, who initially tied the knot in 2015 after a “whirlwind” courtship, was said to be “very happy” that their relationship is now back on the mend. Now that they’re back together, let’s look at what we know about Dave Abrams and his on-the-mend relationship with Jennie Garth. Who is Dave Abrams?

1. He’s her third husband.

According to People, Dave and Jennie met on a blind date back in 2014. At the time, she had just finalized her divorce from her second husband, Twilight actor Peter Facinelli, with whom she has three children. Jennie told People that if she hadn’t “made herself” go on a blind date, she never would have found love. “I’ve done so much personal growth in the last three years,” she said, at the time. “I’ve been focusing on getting past things so I can be free. I was finally there when the house was finished. Things just lined up and I was like ‘I don’t need it, I don’t want it,’ and there it came.”

Jennie Garth was also briefly married to Daniel Clark in the early 1990s.


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2. He’s a restauranteur.

Unlike Jennie’s previous husbands — who were actors — Dave Abrams is a restauranteur by trade. And according to The Daily Mail, he initially filed for divorce when he couldn’t make his relationship work with the actress. However, in January, he was seen at a basketball game with Jennie, and when Jennie’s former 90210 co-star Luke Perry suddenly died of a stroke, he attended the funeral with her. These two public appearances led people to believe that their marriage was “back on.” “They are still trying to make it work, but they haven't been living together. They love each other, but like every marriage, it takes work. Jennie is taking the time to focus on her girls and herself,” reports The Daily Mail.


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Fans have noticed that Jennie Garth looks a little different from her 90210 days.

3. He inspired her to get plastic surgery.

Recently, Jennie Garth’s fans have noticed that she looks a little different than she did from her 90210 days. This automatically led fans to believe that she’d had plastic surgery — and according to Yahoo News Canada, that plastic surgery was inspired by Dave Abrams, who reportedly “inspired” Jennie to look and feel younger with a little bit of a nip-and-tuck. And when fans took Jennie to task for drastically altering her appearance, she immediately fired back and confirmed that Dave Abrams did, in fact, have everything to do with her altered appearance. “I’ve sort of fallen off the workout train and I haven’t been as diligent lately,” she said. “I’m married to a much younger man, and I want to stay looking good for him as long as possible.” Jennie Garth is 10 years older than Dave Abrams.


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4. She didn’t want to pay him spousal support.

During their ongoing divorce, Dave Abrams petitioned the court for Jennie to provide him with spousal support — a petition that Jennie strongly objected to. And, according to a different report for People, that’s because she’d signed a prenuptial agreement with Abrams that would deny him the right to any spousal support should the pair split.

“Jennie Garth has filed a response to her estranged husband Dave Abrams’ divorce filing,” said the outlet. “The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star also asked for the court to terminate any ability Abrams, 37, might have of requesting spousal support. The star said he should not be able to make a claim as he signed a prenuptial agreement just before they got married in July 2015.”

Sounds like it’s all water under the bridge, now, especially since they’re back together! We hope that Dave Abrams and Jennie Garth stay married for the rest of their lives.


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