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Who Is Anna Cardwell's Boyfriend? New Details On The 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Star's Mystery Man

Who Is Anna Cardwell's Boyfriend? New Details On The 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Star's Mystery Man

To say that Anna Cardwell has had an interesting childhood is a bit of an understatement. She had a supporting role in one of the most memed and GIF-ed TV shows of all time (excluding The Office). "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" is definitely not everyone's cup of reality TV tea, but the show was able to create a following of the stars in the family one of them was Anna Cardwell. She has recently been seen with a new man and while we don't know exactly his origin — or even who he is — we do know that Anna seems happy. Who is Anna Cardwell's boyfriend?

1. The chaos that erupted from her star-role

No stranger to the spotlight, the all-star has left the scenes of Hollywood to focus more and more on her own life. As someone who was known for being a teen mom on TV, it’s no wonder she has avoided the attention like the plague. With a lot on her shoulders — she has two kid with her ex-husband — she has decided that it’s time to focus only on Anna Cardwell. 

2. A cure for Ebola?

Flashback to 2014, a time when Putin was still claiming that Ukraine is a part of Russia and Ebola was terrifying the civilized world. Anna Cardwell was in the bathroom taking a shower and had an idea to find a cure for this Ebola. Like all great thinkers of her time, she partnered up with a company known as Young Living, a company claiming they had the black magic to cure Ebola and cancer. Little did she know the gods of faith were not on her side and the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) went on their tail and demanded them to stop making false claims.

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3. I need money now

Once her fantasy turned to reality she realized she was broke. She started asking her loyal and trustworthy fans for money; they responded by leaving her on ‘read’. She claimed that her mom, Mama June Shannon, stole all of her money out of her savings account leaving less than $20, proving once again how likable celebrities are outside of the camera.

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4. The one man who could save her

All of this went to her head, which leads us to our mystery man. After getting back to focus on herself, losing some weight, and being happy again she found herself in a new relationship. This time it is a man who's unknown. He seems to be more of the stereotypical bad boy that your dad forced you not date in high school, yet you did it anyway.

Anna hasn't spoken a lot about her new man. Instead, she chose to take videos of him with Snapchat filters as a way of expressing their true love.

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Being happy is ultimately what we are all striving for; we want happiness in our connections. Afterall, having long-lasting marriages and friendships is what helps create the seed for a happy life. Anna Cardwell can definitely say she's found that seed. And hopefully we'll find out more details on this new man very soon.

Steven Hall is a writer who covers astrology, pop culture and relationship topics.