Who Is Roger Alvarado? New Details On The Man Who Has Been Arrested For Stalking Taylor Swift

It's his second arrest for this type of crime.

Who Is Roger Alvarado? New Details On The Man Who Has Been Arrested For Stalking Taylor Swift Instagram 

It's easy to look at celebrities and assume that they have perfect lives. With all that power, money, fame and prestige, the world seems to open up every door transforming a humdrum life into something magical and extraordinary. While that's certainly true, there's also a dark side to being a person so famous that everyone knows you...or thinks that they do.  This is something that Taylor Swift has a ton of experience with. She knows what it's like to go from being a total unknown to a sensation overnight, and she also knows what it feels like to have crazed fans who will do anything to get to her. Anything at all. For example, meet Roger Alvarado, a Taylor Swift fan who took his love and turned it into an obsession that would send him down a truly dangerous path. Who is Roger Alvarado?


1. The latest charge 

On Monday, April 15th, Taylor Swift's stalker, 23-year-old Roger Alvarado, was dealt justice courtesy of the American judicial system. The dude has been sentenced to spend up to four years in the big house for breaking into Swift's New York home. His sentence actually came after he made a plea where he admitted to criminal contempt to get less time locked up. The most dangerous thing about a stalker is how difficult it is to prosecute them successfully, and how even more difficult it is to get them to stop their threatening and criminal behavior. Alvarado is proof of just that. His latest arrest came just six months after he was released from prison, where he'd been incarcerated for...breaking into Taylor Swift's house. Talk about a repeat offender. 


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2. The Judge's Warning 

In an effort to make it clear to Alvarado that this madness has got to stop, the judge at the proceedings, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Laura Ward, warned him against making any attempts at further contact with the singer. She said there was to be “absolutely, positively no contact with Taylor Swift. No phone calls, no letters, no video contact.” The judge capped off her remarks by saying, “Hopefully, no judge will ever see you again.” It's a nice sentiment, but if he can't go more than a half a year out of jail without breaking into the home of a celebrity, a FEMALE celebrity he doesn't know after having served time for the offense already, hopes are not high. 


It would be one thing if Alvarado was apologetic or asked for help of any sort to help him recover from the illness that is likely driving this obsession, but to date, it does not seem like any attempts of that nature were made either by Alvarado or his legal team. 

3. No Remorse 

In case you think I'm coming down on the guy a little too hard and that Swift is a celebrity who can keep herself safe, let me share with you the words Alvarado shared when he was contacted by the New York Post after his trial. “I don’t want to hurt her,” he said. “I just wanted to speak to her, to talk to her. She seems nice [and] cool.”


Are those the words of a dude who has any plans to stop stalking someone? Nope. Alvarado was supposed to be serving his probation for the last time he busted into Swift's home in Florida, but instead he hopped on a flight to New York where his first stop was Taylor Swift's swanky pad. Not okay! 

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4. The Surveillance Footage 

Authorities managed to capture Alvarado when security guards caught notice of something super fishy afoot on their cameras. Alvarado was spotted on the tapes stealing a ladder from a nearby construction site, propping it against the side of the building and using it to climb up to Swift's patio. Gah! Lest you think this was some sort of romantic gesture, a bid to win his Juliet, it's important that you know just how quickly the guy got violent. He is reported to have smashed through a glass door to gain access to the fancy place and he also wound up doing about $4,000 worth of damage. 

5. How He Was Caught 

Luckily for her, Taylor Swift wasn't home for any of this and  because she's got the means she had a security team on standby. They are the ones who caught the guy in the act and got the police on the phone. It wasn't long until Alvarado was cuffed and headed downtown. It already seems like the man's crimes are escalating The last time the Florida native broke into one of her properties was in April of 20, 2018 when he reportedly just wanted to take a nap. He apparently took a shower, decided to catch some zzzs and woke up to the police arresting him for his crimes.


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