Who Is Mark Webber? Welcomes Newborn Child With Wife Teresa Palmer

It's a girl!

Who Is Mark Webber? Welcomes Newborn Child With Wife Teresa Palmer Instagram

Actor, screenwriter, director — all titles that describe Mark Webber. 

Webber, 38, was born in Minnesota. Raised by a single mother, Cheri Lynn Honkala, they were homeless and lived in cars and abandoned buildings in Philadelphia. As a result, Webber and his mother became advocates for the homeless: organizing protests, helping educate voters and providing food and shelter for those in need. His mother went on to run for Sheriff of Philadelphia in 2011 and she was the vice-presidential nominee for the Green Party in 2012. 


Despite growing up homeless, Webber was able to attend the High School for Creative and Performing Arts. That led him to land his first role in 1998. 

In the film, "The Evil Within" Webber played as Joseph Ode, the partner of Detective Sebastian Castellanos. Although he had a main role, the film did not do well. But two years later in the year 2000, Webber had his big break.

According to 24Celebs, he starred in the film "Animal Factory" where he had the opportunity to work with and learn from actors including Mickey Rourke, Willem Dafoe, Danny Trejo and Edward Furlong. He also had the opportunity to play a leading role in the films "Snow Day" and "Boiler Room" that same year. 


Webber would only gain more experience that would help shape his career.

So who is Mark Webber? Here are more details about Mark Webber and the newest addition to his family. 

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Webber's wife talks about the third pregnancy. 


1. He is an actor and director. 

Though he began acting in 1998, it wasn’t until 2002 when Webber met Woody Allen that his career would really kick off.

Allen invited Webber to star in his film “Hollywood Ending,” which paved the way for Webber to take on leading roles in later films. Some of the films were “Winter Solstice,” “The Hottest State,” “Broken Flowers,” and “Dear Wendy."

Later he went on to direct his own films, making his debut as a director in the film Explicit Ills in 2009. In more recent years, Webber has had success directing films including “Flesh and Blood,” “The Ever After,” “The Place of No Words,” and “The End of Love.”

2. He was formerly in a relationship with Frankie Shaw.

Frankie Shaw is an actress, writer, director and producer. Webber began dating Shaw in 2000 but they split in 2008. That year they had a son named Issac with whom they share joint custody. His breakup with Shaw inspired Webber to write the film "The End of Love" which stars Webber and his son Issac, two years old at the time. 

In an interview with Collider, Webber talks about his experience of writing and directing a film that was so personal. He said it was especially intense to show the film to Shaw.

“Here’s the movie that you’re in briefly, and that is also this odd metaphor for us and our relationship, and it involves our son,” he said to Shaw. “That was the most emotional experience, ever.”

The film portrays a young father who struggles to grow up after the mother of his child passes away, but who learns that his choices have consequences. 



Bart and Marge ( ZSS)

A post shared by Frankie Shaw (@frankieshawisag) on Jan 3, 2017 at 9:33am PST

Adorable moment of Frankie Shaw and her son with Webber. 

3. He is now married to Teresa Palmer

Palmer is an Australian actress, model, writer and film producer. Webber began dating Teresa Palmer in 2012 after she reached out to him on Twitter.

According to DailyMail, the pair continued to write over email, waiting more than a month to finally meet in person. 


'We made a pact that we weren't going to speak until we met each other in person [back in LA] ... So, for 40 days all we did was write,' he said. Mark also admitted that less than five letters in he knew he was in love, and the director told Teresa so via email.

The pair would later become engaged in August 2013 and married in December 2013. 

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Palmer reflects on the moment that changed her life forever. 


4. He has two sons with Palmer 

The couple welcomed their first son Bodhi (age 4) into the world in February 2014. Two years later, they had another son named Forest (age 2) in December 2016. 

Webber's Instagram page is filled with black and white photos of his children. After a long streak of having all boys, Palmer announced that her third pregnancy would be different. The pair would be having a girl. 




A post shared by Mark Webber (@markwebber) on Jun 3, 2018 at 4:39pm PDT

Webber's second oldest son embraces his little brother.


5. He has a newborn

Webber is now a father of four with three sons and one daughter. Palmer first revealed that she was expecting in October 2018 through an Instagram post. Her caption read “Thank you for all the beautiful messages we are overjoyed but mostly very grateful.”

Webber too posted about the joyous occasion saying “Can’t wait to meet my girl…”

The pair welcomed Poet Lake Palmer into the world Friday, April 12. Palmer shared a photo of the newborn with a caption reading, “She is pure magic, we feel like we are in a dream.”


The couple is in total bliss according to a post by Webber who has a tattoo of his daughter's name.

Webber shares a touching post as he welcomes his newborn daughter into the world. 


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