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3 Full Moon In Libra Rituals To Do April 19th To Keep Your Love And Relationship Vibes Strong

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Full Moon In Libra Rituals To Do This April 19th To Keep The Love Vibes Strong

Well, 2019 is turning out to be a great year for love and romance, no matter your zodiac sign. After all, how often do you get two libra full moons in two months, back-to-back? Suffice to say, these full moons in astrology are perfect opportunity to keep fanning those flames of love even higher.

If you haven't read last month's list of rituals for the full moon in Libra, you better check them out now. Because those rituals can be repeated once again this month, with this newest Libra full moon. And for those of you who want to try something new, here are three more full moon rituals to do on April 19th to keep that Libra vibe strong in your love life.

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1. Write a love letter to your exes.

But unlike Lana Condor in To All The Boys I've Loved Before, you aren't going to post any of them. Just make sure you are alone and in a peaceful place when you write these letters, because that's the best way to get in a flow and write from your heart.

You can even set a timer for 15 minutes for each ex if you are afraid you will go overboard and keep writing for hours on end. (Although, it's perfectly okay to do so if that's what you want.)

As for what you are supposed to write, there are no rules. Just unburden yourself of all the negative feelings you have towards your exes, and maybe even admit the role you played in your relationship's eventual demise. You can also write about the things you are grateful for. Because, #thankunext.

2. Make a herbal sachet to calm your nerves before dates.

When it comes to love and relationships, we need all the help we can get, especially when we are naturally shy or have been out of the dating pool for a long time now. This herbal sachet will help calm your nerves before such heart-pounding moments.

You will need a square of muslin, some twine, dried lavender, thyme, and orange rind. Make sure to buy products that have a strong scent (as in, those that weren't left out in the open). And then mix the ingredients according to your needs.

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For example, if you tend to get nervous a lot, add more lavender for its calming effect. And if you want courage, add more thyme. The orange rind will enhance awareness and mindfulness, which can be very useful when meeting new people or assessing a potential date for compatibility.

Once you have created your preferred mix of herbs, place them in the center of the muslin cloth and bundle them up with some twine. You can store this sachet in a handy drawer somewhere so that whenever you are in need of strength and calm, you can whip it out and sniff it before you march forward.

3. Honor your past, present, and future.

To do this ritual, you will need three flower buds of your choice, a bowl of water, some sea salt, and white sage for smudging.

Start the ritual by burning the white sage and waving the smoke around yourself. Make sure to lift your feet and wave it under the bottoms too. (Be careful while doing this so you don't fall.) Say out loud, "I am clearing all the dense and negative energies stuck to me" while doing this.

Then wave the smoke around your house with the windows open. It's best to start from one end and go to the other, giving extra attention to all the corners and nooks.

Once done, sit down cross-legged with the bowl of water and flower buds before you. Choose a clean and comfortable space for this. And then pick up one bud and say, "I honor my past and am letting go of the feelings and beliefs that are not letting me move forward."

Gently drop this bud into the water and pick up another. Hold this new bud and say, "I honor my present because it is all I can actually control and influence." Then drop it into the bowl.

Finally, pick the last bud and say, "I honor my future and trust that life's challenges will lead me somewhere good eventually." Drop this in the water too.

Add a pinch of sea salt to this bowl and then leave it out in a patch of moonlight for at least half an hour. Then bring it back inside and use the water to wash your face. You can bury the buds in a garden once they dry up.

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