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Who Is Eric Swalwell?

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Who Is Eric Swalwell?

Believe it or not, Donald Trump's first term as President is drawing to a close. That means, among many other things, that now is the time for the Democratic party to unseat the man and take back the White House. Many people were counting on Joe Biden to be the driving force and winning nominee for the election, but in light of his current scandals, that may not be the case.

Luckily, there's still plenty of hope and plenty of awesome candidates who could do great things for our nation! One of them is Eric Swalwell. Let's go over this Congressman's experience, his beliefs and what he would do if he were voted into the White House. 

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1. "The Snapchat King" & Three Term CA Congressman 

For the past six years, this babe with a jawline that just won't quit has represented Cali's 15th district (the Bay Area). Believe it or not, while he may look like a surfer, the dude is actually originally from Iowa! Before he ran for Congress, he was a city council member, and a (presumably very sexy) intern. 

Around Washington, DC, he's known for using social media in a unique way to engage with the people in his districts. The Hill even dubbed him "The Snapchat King of Congress" in 2016. During the June 2016 sit-in about gun control and gun violence, he let people in on the proceedings by using Periscope and Facebook live. He's also been a driving force behind putting cameras on the floor of the House. 

2. He Believes The Children Are The Future 

Like other politicians, Swalwell announced that he was seeking the presidency by issuing a statement to the newspaper. Swalwell chose the San Francisco Chronicle, but he didn't settle for just saying that he was tossing his hat into the ring. He made it clear that he's got our children's futures in mind when he considers the gravity of the office: 

"I’m running [for president] to bring the promise of America to all Americans. That promise is simple: If you work hard, it should lead to doing better for yourself and dreaming bigger for your kids… As an experienced legislator but of a younger Democratic generation, I see enormous opportunity for our party and our country in 2020. So I will challenge our country to go big on the issues we take on, be bold in the solutions we offer, and do good again in the way that we govern.”

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3. Buh-bye Guns!

If you're anti-gun, this is your guy. Lots of other Dems have said that they want to focus on gun control, but Swalwell isn't just talking the game, he's using real language to demonstrate that he has a gun control policy that he is eager to implement should he put in office. He's 38, which means that he was a teen when Columbine happened. That probably informs a lot of how he thinks and feels, especially considering that we are still seeing such shootings on a near-daily basis. 

.Swalwell wants to ban assault weapons, and to begin a mandatory buy-back program to get guns off the street. Swalwell works with March for Our Lives activists, including Parkland shooting survivor Cameron Kasky, to make his real feelings about gun control known: “I talk to kids who sit in their classes afraid that they’ll be the next victim of gun violence. And they see Washington doing nothing about it after their moments of silence. They see lawmakers who love their guns more than they love our kids,” he has said. 

4. Healthcare FTW!

Healthcare has been a very tricky issue for America to get just right. Like Obama before him, Swalwell believes in making affordable healthcare for all a reality. He talks a good game, but like many before him, he doesn't seem to currently have a plan that's as solidified as his plan for gun control seems to be right now. 

Swalwell wants a “health-care-for-all guarantee so that US citizens don’t have to choose between seeing the doctor when they’re ill or paying their bills. People are dying in the United States because they can’t afford their medication," he said. He also wants to "put funding toward medical research and advancements to “find the ‘unfindable,’ solve the ‘unsolvable,’ and cure the ‘incurable’: Achieving cures in our lifetimes for the diseases that ail us,” he said in his Op-Ed.

5. No More Student Loan Debt, Y'all! 

We all talk about just how much it costs to go to college, even with the help of financial aid, but Swalwell speaks about getting rid of student loan debt as one who struggled under the weight to do so until he was in his mid-30s! It's refreshing to hear a politician speak in a relatable way about money. We forget that so many who came before him came from tremendously wealthy families. 

What does Swalwell believe about student loan debt? He thinks there should be zero-interest federal student loans, tax-free employer contributions to student loan payments, and “debt-free college for public university students who do work-study and commit to community volunteerism after graduation.” In the words of Arrested Development, MARRY ME. 

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