Who Is Jon Stone? Why Brittainy Taylor Called It Quits With Her Ex On 'Very Cavallari'

What will the new season reveal?

Who Is Jon Stone? Why Brittainy Taylor Called It Quits With Her Ex On 'Very Cavallari' getty

Kristen Cavallari couldn't stay away from reality TV forever. The former Laguna Beach and The Hills star has her own show called Very Cavallari that follows her life with husband Jay Cutler as she launches a flagship store in her home of Nashville, Tennessee for her jewelry line, Uncommon James.

Since the show premiered on July 8, 2018, fans of Cavallari have loved having her back on the small screen. So much so that it was renewed for a second, 10-episode season... and then a third, which premiered on January 9, 2020.


Who is Jon Stone? One of the casts' main characters was dating up-and-coming country artist Jon Stone, who seemingly attempted to increase his celebrity status by appearing on the reality show.

However, the pair has now broken up, as evidenced by Brittainy Taylor's Instagram, and it appears that she has a new man in her life — and Stone may also have someone new! 

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So, who is Jon Stone? Here's what we know about Brittainy Taylor's ex-boyfriend from Very Cavallari, what caused their breakup, and who both of them have moved on to.

1. Who is Jon Stone? He's part of the country duo American Young.

The 40-year-old singer-songwriter formed American Young with Kristy Osmunson in 2013. Their first single, "Love Is War," ranked on Country Airplay. Signed by Cub Records, American Young has written songs for big names like Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts, Lee Brice, and even Kenny Chesney.

“American Young represents a sound with no boundaries," Stone said about his band. "We are squarely focused on delivering our own brand of music and hope that folks will find our songs everything from haunting to dramatic and intense.”

They released one self-titled album in 2016.


2. Stone dated Brittainy Taylor for more than four years.



A post shared by Jon Stone (@jonstone02) on Mar 14, 2019 at 7:37pm PDT

Stone and Taylor, the head of operations for Uncommon James, had been in a relationship for more than four years before calling it quits. In addition to her role with Cavallari's company, she's also an Instagram model and does the marketing and social media for Bartaco.

Last season on the show when Stone went away on tour, Taylor talked about the couple arguing about their relationship. She said she felt like he dictated their relationship and she found that unfair — which came to a boiling point on an episode of the show when he and some friends crashed their company retreat.

"I'm excited that he's here and I want to be with him, but we have a lot of unfinished business when it comes to arguments," she said to the camera.


3. The couple fought — a lot.

While the company retreat party carried on inside, Taylor and Stone went to get some alone time and talked about their issues. One of their recent fights apparently started with a mix-up over their puppy.

"I really do need you to open up a little bit more and be on my team," she said. "You have this notion in your head that you know more and you know better and I'm just supposed to follow your lead, but that's not a relationship, that's a dictatorship."

"It's tough, honestly," Stone replied. "I just came home from two and a half weeks of touring every day, come here to see you, to hear you get upset about me taking the dog that's supposed to be ours."


"I do a lot of things for us to be happy, Jon, and I need you to get that," she said with tears in her eyes. "It is an 'us' thing, it is always an 'us' thing. I always f***ing tell you what I'm doing and where it's going."

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4. He has a slightly famous dad.

Stone was born on February 18, 1978 to parents Arlene Marcello-Stone and Ron Stone. While Arlene studied psychology and interpersonal communications at the University of Oregon before working with the U.S. Federal Government, Ron was actually a professional baseball player.


He was on the major league team the Kansas City A's & Phillies. Arlene and Ron are divorced. 

5. Stone met Taylor through mutual friends.

Taylor and Stone started dating on May 27, 2015. Before they officially started dating, they hung out as friends after meeting through mutual friends. While they had their problems like any couple does, they did seem to genuinely love and support each other in their own endeavors.

"I am so proud of you. I am so happy you are chasing your dreams and living a life filled with words set to chords and not documents, hours not clocked in but hard work like overtime," she wrote on an Instagram post from 2017.


"I am so glad to watch you create, and be. If anyone knows this man, he is himself, and there only ever needs to be one. Jonathan, I am inspired by your endless love of music, and am grateful for the growth both when you're here, and when you're gone discovering a new piece of your soul in cities unknown. So now that I've said all these nice things, come home now and kiss me because this was a really cute post."

6. Taylor and Stone are now broken up.

The couple went their separate ways a few months ago, after Stone responded to a question through social media about the status of his relationship with Taylor. He stated, "no," implying the relationship was over.

Taylor's own Instagram page also revealed that the couple had split after she made a post in early January 2020 about having a difficult year.

She wrote, "This year I have made and lost friends. Had triumphs and major failures. Felt on top of the world and rock bottom. Was over confident and extremely insecure. Leaned in and isolated. This year was a rollercoaster — and my emotions at times felt too much. Sometimes so much even my bones were aching. But I FELT it and that is what I wanted the most. I wanted to FEEL again. To FEEL, I knew I had to make a decision. So I made a decision. THE decision. The one decision I was away from this completely different life. It hasn’t been easy, but nothing truly worth it ever is. And you know what: I’m worth it."


The former couple may have possibly broken up sometime in July 2019 after Stone posted on Instagram that he'd had a "rough week". In the photo's caption, he wrote, "Been a rough week. Thankful for all the folks around me that have been reminding me who I am." 

7. Taylor has moved on.



A post shared by PJ Kellogg (@peejay_cereal) on Oct 13, 2019 at 4:08pm PDT

Although her relationship with Stone ended, it didn't take long for Taylor to move on and find herself a new love. The reality star has recently posted some cute snaps of them together on Instagram

Taylor's new beau is PJ Kellogg, a general manager who specializes in Olympic weightlifting at D1, a training facility in Franklin, Tennessee. He has also worked for the United States Secret Service and was in the U.S. Marine Corps. Kellogg is also an educated man, who received a Bachelor's in exercise from Marymount University.


Although it's unclear exactly when he and Taylor started their relationship, they seem to have been together for at least a few months as Kellogg posted a photo of the pair attending Oktoberfest together in October 2019 on his Instagram. Kellogg also appears to be an animal-lover. He has two dogs, who are featured on his Instagram.

8. Taylor met Kellogg through friends.

In a recent episode of the show, it was revealed how Taylor met her new beau. The couple met through her friend, Nick, who introduced them when Taylor went out with some friends. 

Taylor asks about him, saying, “Where’s your boy?" To which Nick replies, "That man right down there, PJ. You guys have to meet!” 

Kellogg is shown asking her out on a date. They also make plans to "work out together sometime" and Taylor is seen asking Kellogg to text her about it. 


9. Stone has also found a new boo.

It looks like Taylor wasn't the only one who found a new relationship. Stone is now dating Haeley Vaughn, a musician.

Taylor, who found out about it on the show after seeing Vaughn on her ex's social media, commented, "I know her. That was the girl we got in a fight about because he used to say how beautiful she was in front of me... and now they're together."

Although it's not clear exactly when Stone started seeing Vaughn, he did post a photo to his Instagram of her back in December 2019 and another of her even further back in November 2019.


Stone and his band also released a song in January 2020 that appeared to be about his breakup with Taylor. In the song, he sings, "Some day, somebody's gonna pull me out, pick me up where you let me down. She'll want everything you left behind. Some day, some way, somebody's gonna come along. And somewhere, out there, if there's a God he's gotta be workin' on the broken road that's gonna lead me to her, and her to me. And you won't be my whole world. Yeah just like that, you'll be just some girl."

And when Stone advertised for the new song on his Instagram, Vaughn commented on the post with, "This man. proud of you babe," and a heart emoji. 

10. Is Brittainy Taylor pregnant?

In a recent episode of Very Cavallari, Taylor opened up to the show's producers about how she thought she might be pregnant and implied that the father might be Stone.

She said, “I really haven’t talked to anybody about this, but I’m all of a sudden really tired and nauseous and also late on my period. Honestly, with all the breakup sex, I am getting kind of worried, and I think I’m pregnant.”


Taylor also revealed how upset she would be to face Cavallari if she was actually pregnant. “I’m afraid to tell KC I might be pregnant with my ex-boyfriend’s baby because I don’t want her to judge me. It’s just nerve-wrecking altogether,” she added.

However, a clip shows that Cavallari might actually have a clue as to why Taylor has been feeling so sick lately when she comments that Taylor "could be pregnant."

We'll just have to wait and see what happens this season.

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