Who Is Matt Grundhoffer? New Details About The Former 'Little Women: LA' Star Who's In Hot Water

Briana Renee may have to face her ex-hubby in court.

Who Is Matt Grundhoffer? New Details About The Former 'Little Women: LA' Star Who's In Hot Water Instagram 

Little Women: LA is a terrific watch. When the show first premiered, I was single and spent my weekends doing epic binge watches. Now, I am no longer single, and while that's pretty great in its own way, it does mean that opportunities to watch ALL OF THE THINGS have dissipated. Of all the shows I used to watch I miss this one the most. In particular, I miss Briana, the fun-loving mom with a big heart who seemed to be headed for danger when she fell for a new guy.


Cut to today, that new guy very quickly turned into her husband, and even more quickly than that she began to learn things about her new husband that made her feel like their home wasn't a safe one for her or for their baby boy. She filed for divorce, but things didn't end there.

So who is Matt Grundhoffer? Read up on the new court case that has Briana facing off against her ex once again. 

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1. Briana Dragged Into Matt's Crimes 

When Briana Rene ended her marriage to Matt Grundhoffer, she was eager to put the past where it belonged: in the past. From their meeting to their courtship, to their marriage, their entire relationship was like a terrifying rollercoaster ride — and Breana wanted off! 


Sadly, her marriage to Matt, a fading memory, came screaming back into focus when she found herself served with legal documents. What was going on? It seems like sexting scandals weren't the only thing Matt was dipping his toes into. Turns out is currently being accused of sexual assault of a minor, and Briana is likely to have to take the stand. 

2. The Charges Against Matt

You see, it turns out that Matt was guilty of a whole lot more than simply being a cheater. Matt has been accused of sexual assault by a patient at the Child Study Treatment Center in Washington from September 2009 to November 2010.  The victim of the assault was a minor at the time, and Matt was employed at the treatment center in Washington.


As one can imagine, coming forward about these allegations isn't easy for victims. It took this survivor until June 4, 2018, to decide to take legal action, as part of these charges her team filed supplemental disclosure of primary witnesses. They did so on March 14, 2019, and the end result made it publicly known that this survivor plans on calling Brana to testify. 

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3. Why Briana's Being Called To Court 

It might seem odd, on the surface, to call Briana to testify against Matt in this particular case may seem odd. Sure, they were married, and sure they have their own issues, but it's not like she went with him to work every single day? What could she have to say? Don't worry, the paperwork gets into that. 


“Briana R. Kealiher has knowledge of, and will provide testimony regarding the sexual abuse sustained by Plaintiff,” the papers read. “Plaintiff expressly reserves the right to call these witnesses as part of her case and further expressly reserves the right to determine whether she will call one or more of the following witnesses as trial witnesses at the time of trial.”

4. Why They Split 

Briana, who is 35, filed for divorce from Matt in November 2017 after a series of sexting scandals. It's a pretty common trope. Woman marries guy even though all of her friends think he's a skeeze. Woman quickly realizes that yes, guy is a true skeeze. Unfortunately, it didn't end there for the couple. Matt seemed intent on being in her life, even if it meant violence. 


In December 2017, Briana had to do something that no one who is co-parenting ever wants to find themselves being faced with. She filed for a domestic violence restraining order against him, both for her and their son Maverick. Whatever their relationship was like, it's clear that he made her feel unsafe. 

5. The Emotional Fallout

Going through all of this is like reliving the trauma she endured when she discovered her illicit text messages. She claimed to have found graphic sexual messages between another woman and Matt. Later, on November 28 she found texts that reportedly involved bestiality as well as the proposal of sex acts with minor children, including sex acts with his minor child from a previous relationship.


As you can imagine, a  judge granted her restraining order and put into effect for five years. It is unclear how this will impact her ability to appear in court. Thankfully, if she does wind up taking the stand chances are she won't have to be there at the same time at Matt himself. Small blessings in a truly hideous situation. 

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