6 Health, Wellness & Beauty Trends Sure To Make You Look (& Feel) Prettier This Spring

Time for a spring makeover!

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If you’re wondering how to be pretty this spring, or how to love yourself and believe in yourself more, you’ll need to think about health and wellness, self-care, and new beauty trends.

A spring makeover is about the whole package, and learning how to look pretty from the inside out.

Looking good is feeling good, which will help you learn how to believe in yourself just a little more this season.


Maybe you've been wondering how to love yourself, be beautiful, how to be healthy or which new beauty trends will make you stand out this season.

Especially because spring is the perfect time to spruce up your self-care and beauty routine and start healthy habits.

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After months of dry skin and living in cozy boots and chunky knit sweaters, there's nothing more exciting than finally being able to switch up your wardrobe and skincare regimen and start up a new self-care routine.

If you're unsure exactly where to start, because fully ushering in a new season can be super overwhelming, we've got you!

Here are six beauty trends, and self-care tips that can help you achieve health and wellness for the ultimate spring makeover!

1. Aromatherapy

how to love yourself & be more attractive


Did you know that aromatherapy is a beauty trend?

That's right! Take a big whiff of fresh, spring air with a few added scents that can soothe the soul and promote healing in the body.

Don't worry, you won't need to burn incense and rub oils all over yourself to get the benefits.

Calming scents like lavender can be added into your beauty, health and wellness routine easily!

Try a lavender sachel, like this one from Goddess Cosmetics, and add it to your closet or drawers to refresh all of the those spring and summer clothes that have been packed away.

You'll be breathing in the calming, healing scent of lavender just by wearing your clothes!

Plus, if you add one of these beauties to your PJ drawer, it can help you sleep better so you get all of that beautifying rest.


In fact, once fall rolls around, it's a great idea to store your warm-weather clothes in boxes with one of these sachets to keep them fresh for next spring.

Come winter, pack a few of these sachets with your prized wools and cashmeres to help keep hungry moths away naturally.

2. Meditating while eating chocolate

how to love yourself & be more attractive


Yup, you read that right!

But seriously, letting a piece of exquisite chocolate melt in your mouth while you’re taking a 2-minute break in your busy day - can you think of a better way to focus on your mental health and wellness this spring?

If you answered no, then you're on track.

Because every budding chocolate connoisseur knows that melting chocolate beats chewing chocolate all day, every day.

And one company is putting this very philosophy to good use. Enter Wei of Chocolate.

It's an entire company built around peace, health and wellness through chocolate.

The philosophy builds off of the general idea of meditation but replaces it with chocolate.


Instead of focusing on your breath as you do in meditation, you focus on savoring your piece of chocolate either with or without a recorded chocolate meditation.

Talk about making meditation easy!

And did we mention that all of their chocolate is vegan, organic, paleo, and free of gluten, GMO, soy, and dairy?

What better way to start off spring than with a healthy habit and some deliciously holistic self-care.

Use coupon code TANGO for 10% off your order until 5/30/2019.

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3. Straight hair that beats humidity

how to love yourself & be more attractive


Spring is the perfect time to revitalize our hair and put some life back into it.

The harsh winter season isn't always the kindest to our hair and you probably used the season to your full advantage by throwing on a hat every time you went out.

But, now a new season is starting! So, it's time to pack away your hats and let your hair out of its winter cage.

Keeping your hair looking straight and sleek is tough when spring humidity hits, that's why you need a powerful flat iron to keep your straight locks free of frizz.

New, vibrating technology bring us Vibrastrait PRO 1" , a vibrating flat iron that gets hair super straight without all of the pulling, tugging and heat damage. For this reason, beauty experts have dubbed Vibrastrait the ‘healthier hair straightener’.

How does it work? The ceramic tourmaline plates vibrate at 7500 times per minute to create a smoother, easier glide.


The result is less styling time, no tugging, and less damage for stronger healthier hair.

This way, you can spend a day in the sun without looking undone!

Use promo code: TANGOFT for additional 25% off. Plus, enjoy a free travel pouch + free Cloud 9 Shampoo & Conditioner 3oz. Travel size.

4. Undereye skin serum

how to love yourself & be more attractive


Facial serums are directed to go deeper into your skin for the goal of creating more powerful results to tighten skin and stop the aging process.

But guess what? Skin serums are getting more advanced, bringing you a beauty trend that's pretty targeted to that under eye problem area.

Science Serum has developed TIGHTEYE™ serum, which is super high-tech. It is heated by your body temperature to trigger absorption so your under eye skin firms up right away!

After 5-10 minutes of drying, rinse the serum away completely and use any other skincare products in your beauty regimen as normal.

Some have compared this to "Botox in a bottle".

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5. Top ponytails

how to love yourself & be more attractive

Thick hair problems? Yeah, we totally feel you.

When the weather gets hotter and hotter out, all you want to do is throw your hair into a ponytail to get it off your neck and is it asking too much to want it to stay put?

If you have lots of hair, then you know what a challenge it can be to find a hair tie that is strong enough to hold all of your hair up and keep it looking polished.


However, one hair tie brand has solved these problems. Burlybands are the strongest, most durable hair ties you can find.

They are a miracle product for anyone with thick or heavy hair.

In addition to having a very strong hold, they won't slip, break, or get stretched out.


And although they're very strong, these hair ties will not damage your hair.

While most standard hair ties are pretty thin and unsupportive, especially for thick and curly-haired ladies, Burlybands are wide and sturdy enough to handle thick hair.

So, go ahead and enjoy that 'ah' moment you feel after putting your hair up on a hot day.

6. Shapewear (’cause a girl has a right to look tight!)

how to love yourself & be more attractive


Improve your bottom line instantly wearing Hold Your Haunches fashion staples featuring their magically incorporated shapewear liner!

For spring, the classic capri is a perennial fan favorite and every-booty is in love with her HYH skirt!

Complete your look effortlessly with any of HYH's coordinating layering tops. From carpool to cocktails, Hold Your Haunches’ is there, helping you look slim and smooth on the down low.

Welcoming in the spring season isn't easy and can be a major adjustment, especially if you live in a place where the winter is long and harsh.

However, it's exciting to finally be able to mix up your wardrobe and beauty routine.


We don't want to knock those who actually like to spring clean, but spring makeovers may just be a tiny bit more enjoyable.

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Sloane Solomon is a writer who focuses on beauty, health, and wellness.

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