How Did Denise Dubarry Die? Actress Passes Away At Age 63 From Rare Fungal Infection"

People are mourning the unexpected death of actress Denise Dubarry.

How Did Denise Dubarry Die? Actress Passes Away At Age 63 From Rare Fungal Infection" Instagram

Born March 6, 1956 Denise Dubarry was an actress, businesswoman, philanthropist and film producer. She is known for appearances on shows including Charlie's Angels, Love Boat and Black Sheep Squadron. 

It all started at age 18 when she began to take acting classes and soon found herself landing commercials for Cheverlot Camero and Michelob Beer. Soon after in 1979, she was cast in the film Being There by Hal Ashby. 


As a businesswoman, she founded Kaswit Inc., a direct response company that brings new products to the market. She also founded Thane International Inc.

As her acting career continued Dubarry started to write for film production and development in 1982. Dubarry went on to produce six films including her most recent film Walk to Vegas in 2019. 

Dubarry played many roles, and she played them all well. 

So how did Denise Dubarry die? As many are still shocked by the news of her death and continue to mourn, find out how Denise Dubarry died and the aftermath. 

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1. Denise Dubarry's legacy. 

When people spoke to the Daily Sun about Dubarry, they had nothing but nice things to say about her character and all the good work she did. Dating back to 1986, Dubarry founded and owned Malibu Yoga, which catered to celebrity clientele after she herself started practicing yoga in 1979. 

Fast-forward to 1998 and she was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Two years later she was included in Response Magazine's list of the "21 People Leading Us Into the 21st Century".

Outside of her screen time and business work Dubarry always made time to give back to the community.


According to Kim Waltrip and various news sources including the Daily Sun, Dubarry was heavily involved with the Olive Crest nonprofit for abused and at-risk children. Waltrip told the Daily Sun that Dubarry always donated money and hosted fundraisers to make sure the organization had what they needed. 

2. Type of fungus unknown.

Aside from her husband confirming that Denise died from a rare fungus there is very little information about how she got sick and how long she had been fighting the infection. Her husband has not made any other statements concerning her cause of death.

However, Denise's colleague Kim Waltrip informed the Daily Sun that she knew about Denise's health concerns for the past two months. 


3. Reactions to her passing. 

People all over who had the opportunity to work with Dubarry or simply witness her work have been sharing the good memories of her. Her colleagues especially have been making sure to tell news sources of all the great ways she has impacted the world. Though Kim Waltrip knew about Dubarry's health, the news of her death still came as a surprise. 

"I fell through the floor," Waltrip said. According to the Daily Sun, she went on to describe Dubarry as a classy businesswoman.

"She was ahead of her time in terms of women supporting women," Waltrip said in the article. She went on about how Dubarry was kind to everyone she met and how she was always there to lend a helping hand whenever needed. 

Harold Matzner, a fellow philanthropist and marketing executive, bonded with Dubarry over films. He too told the Daily Sun about how terrific Dubarry was and how she enhanced everything she was a part of.

"She made a huge difference. She made a huge difference in everything she touched," Matzner said. 

Many tweets were sent out and people continue to send their condolences.

4. What people have started doing in light of her passing. 

Because there is not much information about the fungus that caused Denise's death, people have taken the opportunity to spread awareness about such conditions. People are reminded that life is short and precious and that at any moment it can be taken away from you.

According to Celebrity Insider, people are urging others who may have wounds that seem minuscule such as cuts or scratches to still go see a doctor. It is better to be safe than to be sorry. It is better to be aware and act accordingly than to be in the dark and not get treatment in time. 

5. Who does she leave behind?

Dubarry passed away 17 days after her birthday on March 23 at UCLA Medical Center. According to the Daily Sun, she is survived by four children and two grandchildren. Her daughters, Samantha Lockwood and Whitney Hay both paid tribute to their mother on social media. 

Whitney shared a post on Instagram with a sweet caption for her mother. Samantha shared a photo showing the last time she and Denise went to Hawaii. She referred to Denise as a beautiful spirit.

According to the Desert Sun, her husband Bill Hay will host a private celebration for Denise sometime in April. 

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