30 Best, Most Relatable Kirsten Dunst Quotes

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Kristen Dunst Brings It On, With These 30 Inspirational Quotes

We grew up watching the actress Kristen Dunst. Whether it was alongside Robin Williams in Jumanji as a child, settling teen angst in Bring It On, or disapproving of her character in Hidden Figures, we've seen all facets of her career.

Knowing the wide range of characters she's played throughout her life, it's easy to see that Dunst offers up some incredible advice as it comes to professional development and growth. Additionally, as we've also seen her public life on display, we've learned that she also has her fair share of wisdom when it comes to relationships and matters of the heart.

In an effort to put all these words of advice in one place, we decided to round up 30 of our favorite Kirsten Dunst quotes and share them with you!

1. The heart wants what it wants

"You can never control who you fall in love with, even when you're in the most sad, confused time of your life. You don't fall in love with people because they're fun. It just happens."

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2. Know your self worth

"But the real secret to total gorgeousness is to believe in yourself, have self confidence, and try to be secure in your decisions and thoughts."

3. Own your sexiness

"I don't try and be sexy, but if you are sexy, it comes out. If you're not, you're not."

4. Women can fight their own battles too

"I just don't want to be the damsel in distress. I'll scream on the balcony, but you've got to let me do a little action here."

5. Even as a child, it's important to follow your passions and dreams

"When I was little, I put on plays for my family at Sunday dinner, and I would direct them and have all my cousins, my brother, and my best friends in it. I was a very imaginative and theatrical child and wasn't afraid of being in front of a camera. It was like make-believe to me."

6. When you can't see what's right in front of you

"Do you ever just think, 'I'm fooling everybody?'"

7. Don't waste a single tear

"Why would I cry over a boy? I would never waste my tears on a boy. Why waste your tears on someone who makes you cry?"

8. It's okay to be easy on yourself 

"I've always been someone who is pretty hard on herself. But I've lightened up a lot."

9. Place proper value on yourself

"But the real secret to total gorgeousness it to believe in yourself and have self-confidence."

10. Child at heart

"I'm very mature for my age, but I'm also innocent in a lot of ways."

11. You have to kiss some frogs before finding your prince

"I think every woman goes through a relationship where she is with a guy that is really not right for her. You get lost in it."

12. Making everyday a good day

"You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you're excited for the day? That's one of my main goals in life."

13. Relationships are important for not only our personal lives, but our careers as well

"I really think the key to a film is the chemistry of people."

14. The guilty pleasures of television

"You can never get enough of 'Jeopardy.'"

15. Not being ashamed of wanting certain things or outcomes

"I'd like to grow up and be beautiful. I know it doesn't matter, but it doesn't hurt."

16. While maybe blondes have more fun, there's something about being a redhead

"It's a different kind of boy when my hair's red. I get more quality men."

17. Friends are everything 

"I'm happiest when I'm just hanging out with my friends... it really doesn't matter what we do"

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18. It's okay to not have a label

"I don't want to be 'box-office girl,' but I don't want to be 'that indie girl' either."

19. Learn people's true colors 

"Everybody has a mean streak in them, don't they?"

20. It's okay to feel saddness

"I think most human beings go through some sort of depression in their life. And if they don't, I think that's weird."

21. Iconic!

"It's not a democracy, its a cheerocracy."

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22. Stress can only get you so far

"What are you going to do if it's the end of the world? You better go out having fun instead of stressing about it."

23. It's important to find your zen

"When I'm working, I always listen to music to zone everyone else out."

24. Be the one they can never forget

"I know. I'm impossible to forget, but I'm hard to remember."

25. Find a connection in everything you do

"I've always used my own personal emotions and things that I've gone through in my life to build a character. The work that I do before a film feels almost like therapy, between me and whoever I'm playing."

26. Let life come to you

"I'm always looking for that movie that feels like it's hitting me where I need it."

27. You just have to pick yourself up, and keep on trekking 

"Everyone goes through a hard time in their life."

28. It's okay to cut to the chase

"Just tell me you love me and get it over with."

29. It's important to grow and learn as your own person

"If I'd trusted myself and listened to myself all the times that I ignored myself, I would have been fine. But everyone has to learn their lesson, and now I've got it."

30. Let out your little quirks 

"I liked the girly cartoons. I was very much a girly-girl."

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