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Who Is Machelle Hobson? New Details About The Mom Charged With Abusing Kids For Her Youtube Show

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Who Is Machelle Hobson? New Details About The Mom Charged With Abusing Kids For Her Youtube Show

A 19-year-old is being called a hero for calling the police to report her mom's abuse of her seven adopted siblings. Machelle Hobson, 48, ran the very popular YouTube channel Fantastic Adventures, which followed the chaotic lives of seven children. The channel had more than 800,000 subscribers. In light of the abuse charges against Hobson, YouTube removed the channel. Hobson was arrested on March 15th after a welfare check was made at her home in Maricopa, Arizona. All seven of her adoptive children have claimed she was physically abusing them. They claimed that the YouTube star pepper sprayed them, locked them in closets, and forced them to take ice baths. Who is Machelle Hobson?

1. The tip off

According to authorities in Arizona, the police acted on a tip from Machelle Hobson's 19-year-old daughter Megan. She told investigators her mother had been abusing her seven adopted siblings. The children were allegedly denied food and water for days, locked inside closets, and pepper sprayed. The abuse was reportedly punishment for either forgetting their lines or refusing to participate in Hobson's YouTube show. 

2. The welfare check

After Megan tipped off the authorities to the alleged abusre, Maricopa police officers did a welfare check on Machelle Hobson's home. The police officers found that the seven children appeared "to be malnourished due to their pale complexion, dark rings under their eyes, and they stated they were thirsty and hungry," according to the probable cause statement. Additionally, one of the children who spoke to the police "was visibly nervous, shaking, and it appeared she was too scared to answer any questions."


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3. Pepper spray

One of the children told authorities that Hobson pepper-sprayed her and her six siblings. That same child also alleged that Hobson not only pepper sprayed them from head to toe but that she once also pepper sprayed her between her legs. She also claimed she was locked ina closet for days without food or water and forced to wear a diaper because Hobson did not allow her to go to the bathroom. 

4. The abuse

One of Hobson's adoptive children told the authorities, “I either get beat with a hanger or belt,” “or a brush,” “or get pepper-sprayed from head to toe."  He also claimed that Hobson grabbed his genitals and also pinched him until he started bleeding. 

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5. The charges

Hobson was booked on two child molestation counts, seven child abuse counts, five unlawful imprisonment counts, and five child neglect counts. Two of her three biological children, Logan and Ryan Hackney were also arrested and charged with seven counts of failing to report child abuse. They were released on their own recognizance. Machelle Hobson is being held without bail at the Pinal County Jail. Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 26. She has denied any wrongdoing.

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