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Who Is Mariah Michelle Logan? Heartbreaking New Details About The Woman Who Fell Out A Car Window During Spring Break

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Who Is Mariah Michelle Logan? Heartbreaking New Details About The Woman Who Fell Out A Car Window During Spring Break

A woman died in Miami on her way to the airport after she fell out of a car window and was ran over by another car. 

Mariah Michelle Logan was only trying to soak up the final minutes of the Florida sun and her spring break vacation when tragedy struck. The 23-year-old who had been visiting from Chicago with a group of her friends, rolled down the right rear passenger window. She started yelling "Bye Miami!" while "hanging out" of the window when she fell. 

Those were her final words.

So who is Mariah Michelle Logan? Here's everything you need to know about the woman at the center of this awful and heartbreaking tragedy.

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1. She and her friends were driving to the airport.

When the report reads that she was enjoying the final moments of her vacation, it really means it. Logan and three of her friends were on their way to the Miami International Airport when she tragically died.

During her spring break vacation, Logan went swimming in the ocean and spent the night clubbing in South Beach. She and her friends were only in Miami for three days.

The incident occurred around 5 a.m. on Sunday, March 17. Their rented Hyundai was driving west on the Airport Expressway. They were only minutes away from the airport when she was hanging out of the window, she somehow lost her balance and fell onto the busy freeway. She was run over by a Range Rover. 

2. The driver sped off.

Immediately after Logan was hit by the Range Rover, the driver stopped, feeling the impact. Unfortunately, he quickly drove off and left no information. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the driver ran over her once after she fell onto the road.

Police have not yet said if they've identified him or if they are actively seeking him out.

3. Her death is being investigated as a traffic homicide.

This tragedy is currently being investigated by police as a traffic homicide. They have not yet confirmed or denied if alcohol played any part in Logan's death.

While the FHP has talked to witnesses, they don't think the cops will get any help from the surveillance cameras that are along the highway. They only stream information in real time and do not record them.

“It’s going to be hard for investigators,” said FHP spokesman Alejandro Camacho. They “only livestream. It’s too much data to record.”

Details about what the witnesses saw "won't be available for at least 90 days," according to Camacho.

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The Miami Herald reports that it started out as a joyful trip, just four friends celebrating a birthday. The young women swam in the ocean and clubbed in South Beach. After three days of fun, it was time to head back to the airport. . Around 4:42 am Sunday, just minutes from Miami International Airport, 23-year-old Mariah Logan was “hanging out” of the right rear passenger window of a Hyundai. She yelled, “Bye, Miami,” and then suddenly, without warning, she flew out of the car and landed on the road. The driver of the vehicle she was in was changing lanes from the outside to the center lane. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, an unknown male driver in a Range Rover was traveling behind the Hyundai when Mariah fell onto the road. The Range Rover ran over her once, the FHP said. Police noted that the driver of the Range Rover stopped briefly, but then took off. . “She was just being silly. She loved life,” her boyfriend, Ray Olden, told the Miami Herald. He said Mariah’s friends told him she was saying “Bye, Miami” just as she fell from the moving car. “She brought energy and life. She never looked at the bad.” . Mariah worked as a mental health technician at a nonprofit in Waukegan, Illinois. She was one of 13 brothers and sisters. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers as they grieve this heartbreaking loss of Mariah. Rest peacefully... ✨ #mariahlogan #ripmariah #gonetoosoon #instamemorials #gonebutneverforgotten

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4. Her loved ones are heartbroken by her death.

Logan's friends and family were shocked and heartbroken by the news of her passing. Not only are they upset because they lost someone they loved, but they're still in shock and disbelief that it happened.

The three friends who were in the car with Logan have been identified as Trina Frazier, 24; Aaliyah Frazier, 23 and Kenyatta Burch, 23. 

“I’m still grieving,” Logan’s friend Kenyatta Burch told Miami Herald. “I lost my best friend, my sister. Blood cannot make us closer.”

“The way it happened, it’s not easy to accept a person going out like that. She was an angel,” Logan’s sister, Xylina Griffin, told ABC 7 Chicago. Griffin said that their family just wants Logan's body back home to Chicago, which is expensive.

“As if dealing with this loss and heartbreak, now we have to figure out how to send her home. It’s expensive. It’s a nightmare,” Burch said.

5. She worked as a mental health technician. 

Logan's boyfriend, Ray Olden, said she worked as a mental health technician at the Ann Kiley Residential Center in Waukegan.

“She was just being silly. She loved life,” Olden said of his girlfriend's final words.

Though they had only been dating for a short year, they were already planning to spend the next five years of their lives together. They had another trip planned, a cruise, for August.

He's obviously devastated by her death.

“It’s not real yet,” he said. “There’s just silence in the air.”

Olden said her friends called him "the moment it happened."

"[They were] saying that my baby was gone, fell out the window and was hit by a car. I started screaming and they were crying and said they had to call her sisters and that they were so sorry.”

“She brought energy and life. She never looked at the bad. I was told I was a special man and she made me believe it,” Olden said. “We had the next five years mapped out.”


According to @abc7chicago, Waukegan native #MariahLogan was killed early Sunday in a hit-and-run in #MiamiBeach while she was in Florida with three friends celebrating one of their birthdays. Lt. Alejandro Camacho, spokesperson for Florida Highway Patrol, said the 23-year-old was hanging from the right rear window of the car she was traveling in with her friends at around 4:30 a.m. when she fell out of the window and into the roadway. Logan was struck and killed by a Range Rover that was coming from behind, police said. The driver of that vehicle initially stopped, but then left before authorities arrived on the scene. "This was something very unexpected. You don't expect to get a call like that at 4 a.m. about your little sister, when they're on their way home. Now she'll never come back," says Xylina Griffin, Logan's sister. Griffin said Logan was one of 13 brothers and sisters. She said she doesn't want her sister remembered for how she died, but for how she lived. "She was a walking angel to everybody and anybody she met. Her friends, family. Anyone will tell you," Griffin said. "Her smile would brighten up a room. She didn't have to say anything. She was always praying for people, letting them know that God was there if you need him. She was big on church." Logan, who currently lived in Gurnee, worked as a mental health technician at the Ann Kiley Residential Center in Waukegan, a state-operated residence for people with developmental disabilities. It was a job, Griffin said, she was very dedicated to. "We're just trying to get her home now. Send her home beautifully and everything," she said.

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