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Who Is Andrew Yang’s Wife? Details On Evelyn Yang

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Who Is Andrew Yang’s Wife? Details On Evelyn Yang

Who is Andrew Yang's wife, Evelyn Yang?

Andrew Yang is set to speak at the 2020 Democratic National Convention on August 20, where the former presidential hopeful will show his support for 2020 Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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Yang, the son of Taiwanese immigrants, created Venture for America, a “fellowship program for recent college graduates who want to become startup leaders and entrepreneurs,” worked in start-up tech companies, and is an entrepreneur who is trying to call attention to American workers who can’t afford to live on their wages alone.

But behind every politician and entrepreneur is their spouse, and Andrew Yang is no different.

Who is Evelyn Yang?

Evelyn Yang attended Columbia University and traveled to Shanghai while she was a student. While there, she became close friends with Eileen Lee, who eventually became COO of Venture for America!

According to Lee, “I met the founder, Andrew Yang, through his wife, Evelyn, in late 2010. At Columbia, Evelyn and I met while studying abroad in Shanghai, and she had the intuition that Andrew and I would work well together. She and I had both left corporate jobs after 5+ years, and I was in the midst of pivoting my career when I met with him.”

What does Evelyn Yang do?


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Yang worked as a marketing executive for L’Oreal, but later quit her job to take care of the couple’s sons. She also worked in the corporate sector before attending Columbia.

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How did Andrew Yang and Evelyn Yang meet?


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Evelyn is six years younger than her husband, so it’s likely that after Yang graduated he returned to campus and eventually met his future wife. He’s kept the specifics of how they met private, but has said that he met Evelyn while working at Manhattan GMAT, a test preparation company, from 2006 to 2011.

When did Andrew Yang and Evelyn Yang get married?


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The couple wed in January 2011 and had a destination wedding. And though it’s unclear where exactly they tied the knot, the photos from their special day show just how gorgeous everything turned out.

Who are Andrew Yang and Evelyn Yang's kids?


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The couple have two sons, who are 7 and 4.

Andrew Yang and Evelyn Yang regularly attend Church.

The Yang family regularly attends church, and Andrew has said that Mark E. Mast is their pastor.

“Meeting with the Christian entrepreneurs was enlightening. I found that the themes of the campaign and their point of view are aligned in many important respects  —  a mindset of abundance, of community, and of lifting up the least among us. My wife and I have been bringing our boys to church for the last several years. It has been very positive for the whole family. During this time, I have become friends with my pastor, Mark Mast,” he said on his website.

What are Evelyn Yang's hobbies?

The mother of two loves to spend time outdoors with her two kids. She's also a whiz in the kitchen! Evelyn recently posted an Instagram photo showing off her homemade boba. 

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