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Who Is Colin Cowie's Boyfriend? New Details About Danny Peuscovich

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Who Is Colin Cowie's Boyfriend? New Details About Danny Peuscovich

There's no denying that meeting your soulmate and choosing to get married is one of the greatest, most exhilarating, and most emotional times in a person's life. Little girls and little boys dream of what their weddings will be like, and even the most jaded cynic when pressed will reveal that they have a preference about when they'll get married and what the ceremony and subsequence reception will be like. Of course, it can be hard to make those dreams realities. Planning a wedding is stressful, and it's easy to get lost in all the madness of planning and forget what weddings are really all about. 

Nobody knows that better than Colin Cowie, celebrity wedding and event planner. For decades Colin has made a name for himself in the event planning world, taking ideas and requests and transforming them into the events of his clients' wildest dreams. But now he's seriously about to kick things up a notch! No, Colin is not announcing some epic new TV show, instead, he's planning what will be the event to outdo every single event he's coordinated before: his own wedding!

Colin is marrying his boyfriend Danny Peuscovich and if the proposal is anything to go by, the wedding itself is going to be beyond amazing! 

So who is Colin Cowie's boyfriend? Here's everything we know.

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1. Who Is Colin Cowie? 

Chances are, if you're into fancy events or you watch daytime TV, you already know who Colin Cowie is, but if you don't, allow me the privilege of filling you in. 

Originally from Rhodesia, the African-born Cowie was raised in the United States and is an American citizen. And it's over here in the States that he's made his name a household one, as a wedding and event planner to the stars! When he's not, oh you know, throwing casually extravagant and flawless functions for the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Tom Cruise, he's making appearances on TV shows like The Ellen Degeneres Show and the TODAY show where he makes it his business to help people who are, you know, not Oprah, Ellen, or Tom, plan awesome events of their own! 

If he looks like a natural on the screen, it's for a reason. For nearly eight years Colin was a fixture on the Home Shopping Network! He's also hosted his own shows, like Everyday Elegance (for five seasons!) and the Lifetime TV Get Married where he helped prospective brides plan every last detail of their special day. 

2. Who Is His Boyfriend? 

Colin has been happily dating one of his best friends, Danny Peuscovich, for just over a year. This might seem like not a lot of time between meeting, mating, and marriage, but the truth of the matter is a little bit more complicated (isn't it always?) 

You see, Colin and Danny (who is super-private and likes to keep information about him away from the prying public like, you know, yours truly) were actually very good friends for six years! That's right six years! It took forever for their relationship to become a romantic one, and from the sounds of it, taking their time and building that friendship was critical to their romantic success. By the time they got together, they knew each other moles, warts, and all! 

3. How Did He Propose? 

As you can imagine, when Colin proposed to Danny it was pretty darn special! As one of the premier event planners in the world, he knew that he had to pull out all of the stops when it came to popping the question to the man of his dreams. 

“The proposal was flawless! We were staying at Kubili House, the most exclusive game lodge in South Africa,” he told Page Six. “Danny thought we were going on a helicopter safari, but all of a sudden we flew over [famed canyon] God’s Window, and down below there was a sign that said ‘Danny, will you marry me?’ ”

He also brought along a vintage bottle of champagne engraved with the coordinates of where the couple was when they became engaged. As a final cherry on top of this proposal of awesome, Colin also hired an African choir to sing for Danny in Spanish, because he is originally from Argentina. 

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4. What's The Wedding Going To Be Like? 

If you think the proposal was over the top, just wait for the wedding! Colin is being uncharacteristically tight-lipped about what the wedding will be like, but he's definitely already got plans cooking and he teased the folks at Page Six about what they could possibly be. 

“I’ve organized events all over the world, but this will be my favorite wedding. I never thought this would happen for me, but we’re both completely in love," he said. 

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