Who Is Noah McIntosh? Details About The Boy Who Has Been Missing For Over 2 Weeks

His parents were arrested last week.

Who Is Noah McIntosh? Details About The Boy Who Has Been Missing For Over 2 Weeks Instagram

Another missing child in Southern California is causing a stir inside and outside of his community. Relatives of Noah McIntosh say it has been weeks since they saw the young boy.

According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, there were 424,066 reports of missing children made to law enforcement in 2018. Of the 23,500 runaways reported to the organization that year, one in seven were likely victims of child sex trafficking.


Investigators don’t seem to think this is a kidnapping or human trafficking case—instead, police say they have found evidence that led to the arrest of Noah’s parents. News outlets across the country have reported about the story of the third grader. Not much is known yet, but many are closely following the story for developments in the case.

All the police have said regarding the parents’ arrest is that it has to do with “something they did to Noah on Feb. 24.”

“I have suspicions, but they’re just my suspicions,” Doug Godfrey, Noah’s grandfather, told the press last week. “I really don’t know.”


So who is Noah McIntosh? Read below for more details about his disappearance and the investigation.

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1. He was last seen in early March.

But the authorities were not aware he was missing until about 7:30 p.m. on March 12. His mother had called the police at that time to check Noah’s father’s apartment, as she had not seen her son in weeks.


Noah is an 8-year-old boy, turning 9 on March 31, from Corona. The city is just under 50 miles southeast of Los Angeles, in western Riverside County. Officials said that Noah was last seen in the 4600 block of Temescal Canyon road about two weeks before.

Neighbors told the press that Noah would wait at the gate of the apartment complex, wave to them and say good morning. Paco Lopez, a man who works near the apartments, was shocked by the case.

“It’s crazy, I mean...these apartments are nice, you know, you don’t expect that from a neighborhood like this,” he told local news.

2. His parents were charged with one count of willful child cruelty.

Jillian Godfrey, 36, and Bryce McIntosh, 32, were arrested on March 13 and charged with felony child endangerment.


They are being held at the Robert Presley Detention Center. Godfrey is held on $500,000 bail, McIntosh on $1 million bail.

Noah’s grandfather recently opened up about his chilling theories regarding Noah’s disappearance. He revealed that his grandson was born with his bladder outside his body, which along with “other birth defects” caused Noah to wet his pants at times. Doug Godfrey said McIntosh is “a violent man,” and believes he snapped.

When asked if he thought McIntosh would kill Noah, Doug responded, “I thought at one time he would kill the whole family.”

3. His extended family wants him home.

“I just want my Noah home. We raised him since he was born,” Maggie Godfrey, Noah’s grandmother, told the press.


“And even if he’s run away, it’s okay,” Noah’s aunt Holly Godfrey said in a video she posted online. “Just give us a call, we’ll pick him up wherever he is. We just want him home.”

The investigation took a turn last week when the police visited the residences of Godfrey and McIntosh. Godfrey was questioned in her residence on Tuesday. The police made “numerous attempts” to contact the boy’s father, according to police spokesman Sgt. Chad Fountain, but McIntosh refused to speak with the authorities. They then entered his unit at the Encanto Apartments with a search warrant.

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4. His sister has been placed in Child Protective Service’s care.

McIntosh was found in his apartment on Wednesday, March 13 with his 11-year-old daughter, Noah’s sister. Her identity was not released. She was then placed in Child Protective Services.


Authorities did not release details on what they found on Tuesday in their search of McIntosh’s home, but the press was there to watch Corona police and forensics analysts remove evidence from the apartment complex. A plumbing truck showed up to the investigation, with equipment for video camera inspection into hard-to-reach places, including behind walls and down drains. The building was surrounded with police tape as authorities carried out an intense investigation of the apartment for hours.

While the police did not offer any details about evidence, NBC4 reported that a number of evidence markers were carried in and out of the apartment.

5. The public has offered to help find him.

The Corona Police Department thanked the public’s generous offers to search for Noah. The missing boy has made waves in his local community.


“If, and when, community assistance is needed for a search, that request will be made,” the police posted on Sunday.

Authorities ask that anyone who has seen or has information about Noah McIntosh call Corona Police Department’s Senior Detective Mario Hernandez at 951-279-3659, or email him at Mario.Hernandez@CoronaCA.gov.

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