If These 7 Disney Princesses Had Online Dating Profiles...

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Disney has been known to tell us lies about love, giving us unreasonable expectations one animated flick at a time. We know what it would look like if they had Instagram or had modern challenges, but what if the ladies of make-believe had profiles on dating websites like and eHarmony to search for their fairytale ending?

Find out what happens when Disney's most notable princesses' use Interwebz for dating and looking for love.


Username: underthesea

Hi, I'm Ariel, lover of all things human, and looking for a lifetime love that will really change me. Oh, and I'm a ginger. I follow my heart, no matter what, and fall head over heels (sometimes even giving up too much for love). I'm a hopeless romantic. I love to sing, dance and collect gadgets. Especially attracted to fishermen.


Username: morethanaprincess

I'm looking for a man who's as intellectual, deep and against societal norms as I am. I'm deeply attracted to men that are willing to fight for their woman (and their rights!), and aren't afraid to stand up to my sometimes overbearing family members. Money doesn't matter to me, but a rich life – full of adventure – is a definite dealmaker. Adorable animals a huge plus!

Snow White

Username: thefairestofthemall

Lover of nature, animals and the outdoors. Don't have many girlfriends, so I'm looking for a man who's secure enough in himself to date a girl that lives with seven other dudes. I think that our soulmates are people we've met and fallen in love with in a past life so I'm just waiting for my Prince Charming to come along and find me.


Username: humblyhappy

Not interested in all the bells, whistles and over-the-top gestures that men do for women to make them fall in love. I'm looking for an honest, real, meaningful connection with a man who's well-read, understanding and compassionate. It’s not all about looks. I believe that falling in love happens over time.


Username: Belle_of_the_Ball

I'm looking for a rich, handsome prince to whisk me off into the sunset and into a world of beauty like I've never known before I'm a hard worker, often times a loner, but with a wonderfully vibrant imagination. I see the good in everyone (even if it's hard to find!). Life has a way of disappointing me, but in spite of it all, I'm looking for a man who'll see me for everything I truly am. I'm not at all shallow, but I think that every girl desires her happily ever after – and I’m just waiting for mine to begin, too. Hey, if the shoe fits!


Username: womanOfTheWind

Rule breaker Spitfire. Optimist. Lover of nature and its beauty. I was born into a family with strict traditions and immovable values, but I think of myself as a modern woman and I'm willing to go against the grain for what I feel is right. I'm in tune with my body, the universe and the natural world around me. I fight for what is right, and love hard. I'm no Jane Doe but I am looking for my John Smith.


Username: LongHairDont_Care

I'm young and beautiful but looking for a man to see me as more than just another pretty face I've been used time and time again by people who thought were my family and friends, so I'm not trying to be played again. I'm not afraid of falling for a bad boy (with a good heart), so if sparks fly for you – let's go chase them.