Who Is Lorraine Gilles? New Details About Spice Girl Mel B's Ex-Nanny Who's Suing Her For Libel And Defamation

Mel B could lose millions.

Who Is Lorraine Gilles? New Details About Spice Girl Mel B's Ex-Nanny Who's Suing Her For Libel And Defamation youtube

Who is Lorraine Gilles? She’s causing quite a stir in Mel B’s life once again. Mel B, whose real name is Melanie Brown and whom we all know from the Spice Girls, has found herself in a legal battle, where should could lose up to $8 million! But how did get tangled up in court? It all leads back to Gilles.

What began as a close friendship — with Gilles frequently being pictured with the former couple and their kids, going on vacations, and even flying on a private jet with them, with Mel B kissing her on the cheek for her birthday — has now turned sour.


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Gilles is a former nanny of Mel B and her ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte. But things turned really ugly when the singer alleged that the nanny and her ex-husband were having an affair, resulting in Gilles’ becoming pregnant, and Belafonte paying for an abortion.


Mel B also alleged that Gilles was in a fake marriage to stay in the country, and that Gilles and Belafonte were hiding a sex tape and planned to leak it to destroy Brown’s life.

While going through her divorce in 2017, Brown said Gilles was a “prostitute” and “homewrecker,” comments that are now coming to bite her in the butt. Gilles is suing Brown for libel and defamation, and has denied the claims made against her.

Brown is hoping to settle out of court, as she is facing a massive payout and has already spent a lot of money in her legal costs, both past and present.

But Brown is much more focused on a new mission: shedding light on abuse and abusive relationships. She recently delivered a report at Downing Street, revealing that two-thirds of survivors are also victims of monetary abuse and economic exploitation.


According to a source, “The court fight with Lorraine Gilles is just not a priority for Mel anymore, she has other more important things to focus on... Mel’s legal team are now keen to get to the table and work on an agreement and walk away.”

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What else do we know about Gilles? Before taking Brown to court, she signed up with the Happiness in Hospitality website and worked for the singer and her family starting in 2009. The former nanny was also married, though the couple is now divorced. Are Brown’s allegations to blame for their fizzled-out marriage?


Though Brown is seeking to come to an agreement out of court, she’s also agreed to a non-disclosure agreement where she will remove all mentions of Gilles in her upcoming memoir, Brutally Honest.

A source was quick to spill the tea about the book and their secret threesomes:

“Considering Lorraine played such a big part in the marriage of Mel and Stephen, her absence from the book will seem a little odd. The irony isn't lost, especially when the book is titled, Brutally Honest. Lorraine lived at Mel's home, looked after her children and went on vacation with her and Stephen for seven years. She then entered into a sexual and emotional relationship with Mel and had sex with her and her husband. If we're being brutally honest, this book isn't.”


The allegations are explosive, but hopefully, the two can come to an agreement.

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