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How Did Freeda Foreman Die? New Details About Boxing Champion George Foreman's Daughter

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How Did Freeda Foreman Die? New Details About Boxing Champion George Foreman's Daughter

Boxing champion George Foreman is mourning the death of his daughter Freeda over the weekend. She was found in her home over the weekend, dead of what may be suicide. She was 42 years old.

Freeda is the daughter George had with his ex-wife Andrea Skeete. The boxer famously named all of his son George after himself and Freeda shares the name George as her middle name. Like her father, she took an interest in boxing and went pro for a while before retiring to focus on her family and other professional interests.

Foreman remembered his daughter with a tweet this weekend, saying “Daddy I want to Box,” Get an Education first” I said, well she Brought The bacon home ( degree) 2 Kids 3 Grands (Husband) First Sunday in 42 years without my Freeda. She’s With her maker now.10 kids forever. Just 1 more day I wanted okay 1 more year aw I more decade."

How did Freeda Foreman die? Read on for all the details.

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1. Early life

Freeda’s mother was Geroge’s third wife, Andrea Skeete. The couple lived in Texas, where Freeda was born. They were married from 1982-85, and their marriage also produced George Foreman III.

After George and Andrea divorced, he married Mary Joan Martelly, to whom he is still married. They have two daughters together, as well as two daughters they adopted. The couple is known for their work on pediatric AIDS.


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2. Boxer

Two of Foreman’s children have been involved in the boxing world. Freeda’s brother George III owns a boxing gym in Boston. He himself was a boxer for a short time, having taken up the sport as a teen.

Freeda, like her brother, grew up watching her dad train and she too had a career as a pro boxer. She debuted as a middleweight in 2000 when she was 24 and won her first five fights. She retired after losing her 6th professional bout. Some suggested that her father didn’t like her boxing and paid her to leave the sport.


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3. Handbook from her dad

Freeda had two children of her own as well as three grandchildren. Her father wrote a book on parenting that he hoped would help his kids avoid some of the parenting missteps he thinks he made. In 2008, he told Larry King about the book.

“It’s strange because you – your life goes so swiftly. You look up one day you’re a teenager, the next day you’re a grandfather and you want to decide, ‘I sure hope my kids don’t make the same mistakes.’ So you write a book to kind of imprint for your children, first of all. Then it’s for their family and their friends.’”

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4. Post-boxing career

After leaving pro-boxing, Freeda didn’t stray too far from the sport. She spent some time as a boxing promoter and she appeared in documentaries about her dad and his boxing career.

She had recently taken an interest in criminal justice reform and her Twitter profile read: “Aside from my love of family, being a good mother, wife, and friend, I aspire to make a positive difference in our American Criminal Justice System.” She may have been taking classes in that subject at Sam Houston State.


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5. Cause of death

At the time that news of her death was made public, sources said there was no evidence of foul play. She was reportedly found unresponsive in her home and cops were unwilling to suggest a cause of death before seeing a coroner’s report. However, by Monday morning, a spokesperson for the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office in Texas told TMZ that initial findings indicate suicide.

TMZ further reports that the official cause of death is asphyxiation, which leads some reporters to speculate that it was a death by hanging. 

Our thoughts go out to the Foreman family at this tragic time.


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If you or someone you know is considering suicide or self-harm, you can get help from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. You can also reach them online at suicidepreventionlifeline.org.

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