Is Big Sean Single? New Details About His Relationship Status, Including Those Ariana Grande Rumors

Big Sean split from girlfriend Jhené Aiko. Is he getting back with Ariana Grande now?

Is Big Sean Single? New Details About His Relationship Status, Including Those Ariana Grande Rumors Instagram

Could Big Sean and Arian Grande be headed for a reconciliation?

The rapper has confirmed that he split from his girlfriend of three years, singer Jhené Aiko. Sources close to the pair say they broke up in December. The insider didn’t give details about the reasons for the split but says that they’re being civil to each other after some initial hard feelings.

But this split raises speculation that Big Sean might be headed back to Ariana Grande. The pair dated in 2014 and 2015 and they’ve been spotted together recently.


So is Big Sean single? Are the former flames trying to light a new fire? Read on for all the details.

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1. Dating

Back in 2014, Ariana Grande couldn’t say enough about Big Sean, telling a reporter that the rapper was “one of the most amazing men in the world, and that includes my grandfather and my brother.” 


The two were together about a year but professional obligations pulled them in different directions. With conflicting touring schedules set in 2015, they didn’t think they could keep the relationship going. 

"Ariana and Big Sean have had a great relationship and they are still very close friends and will remain in each other's lives," a source close to them said. "It hasn't been easy though with both of their busy schedules lately and they know its going to get even harder in the next few months. This was really difficult for them to publicly call it quits but they thought it would be better this way so people know there is no bad blood between them at all."



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2. Jhené

Big Sean and Jhené have a long history themselves. They were friends well before dating and even partnered on musical ventures together. In 2016, they formed a group called Twenty88 and released an album of the same name on the Def Jam label. In press about the album, it was described as "the story of the highs and lows of a relationship, with insights into conflict, memories, love, sex, and more.” 


Jhené detailed the beginnings of their relationship

"We became friends the year that my brother passed. I had just met him and we worked on ‘Beware’ and ‘I’m Gonna Be.’ He wanted to take me out on a date. I had a boyfriend, but I still went…just as a friend. I had never been courtside to a game and he’s cool. I told my boyfriend ‘I’m gonna go to this game.’”

Jhené broke up with that boyfriend — turns out he’d been married the whole time — but Sean was involved with someone else. After months of performing together and working through their respective personal lives, the couple finally got together. Jhené even got a tattoo of the rapper’s face to celebrate her feelings.



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3. Sour

Things were questionable for the pair late last year. Bustle noted in November that they hadn’t been seen together in quite a while. Even more suspicions, Jhené posted a video of herself getting the Big Sean tattoo covered up with new ink.


She tried to brush off speculation about the body art change saying: “Don't let this distract you from the fact that i also covered my buddha and Bible verse... but still love and respect Buddha AND Jesus lol. have a good day, kids.”

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Did some Soul searching and found a lot, I’ll tell you bout it soon enough.

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4. Get it

Meanwhile, Ariana set tongues wagging when she referred to Big Sean in her "Thank U Next," video. In the video, she flips through an album of her exes and on Big Sean’s page, we see that she’s written that he could “still get it."


The song also includes the lyrics “Thought I’d end up with Sean / But he wasn’t a match.”



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5. Reunion?

Sean and Ariana are definitely spending time together. They were spotted in LA in late February. They spent several hours together in a recording studio and then left together in Sean’s car.


Ariana was trying to hide from photographers as they drove away, using her dog to shield her face. But there’s no confirmation that the two were doing anything more than recording music together. A source close to Jhené says “Big Sean is single right now, from what Jhene has heard.”

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