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Who Is Jordy Chandler? New Details On The Original Boy Who Accused Michael Jackson Of Child Abuse

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Who Is Jordy Chandler? New Details On The Original Boy Who Accused Michael Jackson Of Child Abuse

The HBO documentary Leaving Neverland takes an unflinching look at the sexual abuse allegations against the late Michael Jackson. The film tells the story of Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who both accuse Michael Jackson of sexually abusing them. They describe the details of their allegeded sexual encounters with the pop superstar. They are not the only people to have made accusations against Jackson. There were two other sexual abuse lawsuits in 1993 and 2005 against the singler. Jordan "Jordy" Chandler was the first to accuse Jackson of sexual abuse in 1993. Those charges were settled out of court. Who is Jordy Chandler and where is he today?

1. Jordy and Michael

Jordy and Michael Jackson met and became friendly with each other in 1992. Jordy was 12. At the time, Jackson became close to the whole Chandler family. His step-sister and brother also visited Neverland Ranch.


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2. Dad got suspicious

In 1993, Jordy's dad Evan Chandler became suspicious after Jordy and his step-brother shared a room with Jackson at the Monaco World Music Awards. That same year, the LAPD launched an inquiry into what was going on at Neverland Ranch. The police had a strip search warrant for Michael Jackson after Jordy gave them a detailed desciption of his penis. There was no criminal evidence found at Neverland Ranch.


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3. Michael's staff saw it, too

Michael Jackson's maid Adrian McManus and security guard Melanie Bagnall exposed the details about pop star’s abuse of Jordy Chandler in an interview with 60 Minutes. McManus worked as Jackson's maid at Neverland from 1990 to 1994. She said about three months into her employment she started feeling uneasy. She was invited to clean his bedroom. “I noticed that there were a lot of little boys, that’s all that would hang around there. You wouldn’t see like little girls. I saw some stuff that I didn’t think appropriate from Mr. Jackson. Michael kissing on him, Michael’s hand very close to Jordie’s crotch. It was terrible to see. I was threatened, his bodyguards told me that if I ever came up on TV that they could hire a hitman to take me out, slice my neck, wouldn’t never find my body,” McManus said. Melanie Bagwell said: “There was a child sitting on his lap and he had his hands close to his genitalia. Like, cupping his genitalia. It was disturbing, it was alarming, a confirmation in a ways..."


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4. The Chandler family sued Michael

The Chandler family accused Jackson of sexual battery and sued him for $30 million. The case settled out of court in 1994 for $23 million. Jordy refused to testify against Jackson. The District Attorneys could not file criminal charges without Jordy's cooperation. Evan Chandler committed suicide four months after Michael Jackson died.


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5. Where is Jordy today?

It is not known where Jordy Chandler is today. He disappeared after the settlement and was rarely ever seen again. In 2013, Wade Robson's legal team tried to contact Jordy but were unable to. Reportedly, they sought out his sister Lily who was not willing to help. Some reports over the years have claimed that Jordy was given a new identity and life after the settlement. Dan Reed, the director of Leaving Neverland tried to get in contact with Jordy while he was making the documentary but was not successful. He said: “Jordan’s not easily accessible. We did a bit of sleuthing to try and find him but decided to not push that any further as he appears to want to stay hidden. For now.”


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