What Happened To Gavin Arvizo — One Of The First Boys To Accuse Michael Jackson Of Sexual Abuse?

He was just 10 years old when he met Jackson.

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Back in 2003, Martin Bashir released the documentary, Living With Michael Jackson, which alleged the pop icon abused a teenage boy named Gavin Arvizo. Just a few days ago, Dan Reed released his documentary, Leaving Neverland, which has made fans once again question the validity of these sexual abuse allegations. Though Leaving Neverland focuses primarily on Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck, who is Gavin Arvizo? And what happened to Gavin Arvizo?


After Living with Michael Jackson premiered, the State of California brought charges against Jackson for the molestation of Arvizo, who was 15 years old at the time of the trial, though he came forward with allegations two years prior.

Arvizo has remained out of the spotlight since the trial ended, but where is he now? Here are five details to know about his life, the trial, and how he’s moved on.

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1. He was introduced to Jackson while in the hospital.

When Arvizo was 10 years old, he was suffering from a rare and deadly form of cancer in his kidney, which was spreading to his other organs. Jackson heard of his illness and sent him gifts and toys. The two became friends and talked on the phone frequently.


In Living With Michael Jackson, Arvizo’s sister said the family was told to prepare for a funeral but, miraculously, he survived, recovered, and even had a growth spurt during his chemotherapy.

After the cancer treatments were over, Jackson invited Arvizo and his family to Neverland Ranch in 2000. Bashir said, “According to Gavin, it was Michael’s friendship and support that helped him beat the cancer. They’ve remained close friends ever since.”

2. He detailed the abuse.

Soon after, Arvizo alleges, the abuse began. During the trial, he recalled that the abuse occurred during the “sleepovers” at the ranch, that Jackson gave him alcohol and fondled him twice.

“We were laying on the bed and [Jackson] told me that men have to masturbate. He told me that he wanted to teach me...so we were laying in the bed, and then he started rubbing me... he put his hand down my pants and he started rubbing me...my private area...he was masturbating me,” Arvizo said in court documents.


Arvizo also testified that Jackson served him and his younger brother wine, made sexual advances, and told them that if men don’t masturbate they “might rape a girl.” Fingerprints from Jackson and Arvizo were also found on pornographic magazines.

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3. His family testified.

His younger brother, Star, testified that he had stayed at the ranch and witnessed Jackson touch Gavin while he was sleeping. He also alleged that Jackson showed the brothers his erection, masturbated in front of them, and encouraged them to try it. Star also testified that Jackson gave them alcohol, hidden in soda cans, and called it “Jesus juice.” He backed evidence by the prosecution that the brothers were also shown pornography.


The boys’ mother, Janet, testified and was described as “talking over lawyers, extemporising, and turning dramatically during cross-examination by Mr Jackson's lawyer to address the jurors... Her appearance was a disaster for the prosecution but if not called by the prosecution, she would have been called by the defence to even worse effect.” The defense attempted to portray her as untrustworthy and that she committed welfare fraud.

4. Reed attempted to include him in Leaving Neverland.

Though Reed’s documentary includes claims from Wade Robson and James Safechuck, he was unable to get Gavin to participate. According to Reed, he tried to contact Arvizo via a letter, but didn’t receive a response:

“I wrote to Gavin, a very long and carefully worded letter. I’m still very much hoping to hear from him. But he never replied. We did a bit of sleuthing to try and find him but decided to not to push that any further as it appears to want to stay hidden. For now.”


5. Arvizo has moved on with his life.

If anything, his life after the trial proved how resilient he is. He worked multiple jobs and put himself through college. He even got married in 2013 to a teacher and minister’s daughter. And through it all, he never sold his story to tabloids.

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