Who Are 'The Men In Grey?' Everything To Know About The Secret Group And Their Alleged Plot Against Meghan Markle

Princess Diana also mentioned them shortly before her death.

Who Are "The Men In Grey?" New Details About The Secret Group And Their Alleged Plot Against Meghan Markle getty

Last year, it was reported that Meghan Markle may have been plotted against by "men in grey" who were "planning her downfall."

Anna Pasternak, a royal biographer, claimed that members of the royal court were plotting against the Duchess of Sussex and aimed to remove her from her position in the royal family.

Pasternak's book about Wallis Simpson, entitled The Real Wallis Simpson: A New History of the American Divorcée Who Became the Duchess of Windsor, an American divorcee who married into royalty and changed the Royal Family forever, was scheduled to come out around this same time.


She spoke out on both her book and Meghan Markle, 38, claiming she fears the "men in grey" are after the royal.

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Who are the "men in grey" — and why are they after Meghan Markle? 

Markle is "like a grenade" in the Royal Family.


"Meghan is like a grenade that's been thrown into this archaic system and there are explosions already going on which I think will continue," Pasternak says, adding that Markle is similar to Wallis Simpson in many ways, which has caused Palace insiders to feel uncomfortable and threatened. 

"In a sense, Meghan has rejuvenated the spirit of Wallis and I hope people take the view of her as a kind, witty, loyal and dignified person who unfairly became the most vilified woman in the world." 

Simpson's relationship with King Edward VIII led to a constitutional crisis that resulted in the king famously giving up his place on the throne in 1937 to marry her.

They see her as a "threat" to the throne.


Pasternak said she is afraid that Markle's modern ways may cause more of a stir in the royal family than she's aware of.

"I fear if Meghan and Harry's star rises too high that will be perceived as the courtiers Princess Diana called men in grey as a threat to the heir," she said. "She [Meghan] cannot set the agenda, she has to toe the line and support the monarch and heir. I don't think she realizes that."

Princess Diana dubbed them the "men in grey."

Princess Diana mentioned the mysterious "men in grey" prior to her divorce from Prince Charles. She had reportedly been paranoid about the presence of the shadowy figures that are often considered the British equivalent to the CIA.


She said "dark forces" were keeping tabs on her and felt like she was being watched at all times.

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The Queen also alluded to them.

Diana may have been referring to "the Establishment" when she mentioned people within the Palace who were spying on her and plotting her demise.

The Princess "might have been referring to the domestic intelligence service MI5" because "the Queen does not know of its secret work and darker practices." It has also been mentioned that Queen Elizabeth herself has warned that, "there are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge."


It's been rumored that they killed Princess Diana.

Not long after her divorce from Prince Charles, Diana made it clear that she was afraid she was going to be assassinated. "This phase in my life is the most dangerous," she wrote in a letter.

Just months before she died in a car crash, Princess Diana wrote that "they" were "planning an accident in my car." She was in a car with her lover Dodi Fayed being chauffeured by Henri Paul when the widely doubted "accident" occurred. 


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