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Who Is Chase Stogel? New Details About Lana Del Rey's Boyfriend

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Who Is Chase Stogel? New Details About Lana Del Rey's Boyfriend

Lana Del Rey has secretly been in a "rocky" relationship with model Chase Stogel for months.

The "Summertime Sadness" singer has kept her love life out of the spotlight since her relationship with G-Eazy ended in 2017 and this blooming romance is no exception. They have yet to post any photos together or mention each other online at all, in that case.

“Lana and Chase have been dating for a while, but it’s a very rocky relationship that they’ve both been trying to keep a secret,” a source told Radar Online. "Things have been very up and down since the beginning.”

So who is Chase Stogel, Lana Del Rey's new boyfriend? Here's what we know.

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1. He is an up and coming actor.

Stogel considers himself an up and coming actor trying to make his break. He recently made his debut in Hollywood theater at the Fringe Festival in Jue, where he starred in Bad Sponsor.

Stogel also appeared in the music video for Katherine McPhee's "Night and Day."

2. He's been in a few movies.

Stogel is known in the acting world for his role as Simon in Destined to Ride (2018) alongside Denise Richards and played the creepy guy in Too Legit (2016) with Zoe Kravitz.


3. He's a dog lover.

Stogel's Instagram page features multiple photos with his four-legged friends. It's unclear if the pups belong to him but it's clear he loves them!

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4. He's from New York.

Although he currently lives in Los Angeles, Stogel is from New York. According to his Instagram, he appears to love his home in LA and posts lots of photos around the city.


5. Rey's friends don't think he's right for her.

A source revealed to Radar Online that the singer's friends are concerned about her relationship with Stogel.

“It’s clear amongst their inner circle Chase is not ‘The One,’ but she keeps going back,” the source explained. “He’s definitely her type, she often goes for long-haired, creative men.”

Although the pair's romance is "fiery and passionate," it seems that those close to Rey aren't sure it has long-term potential.


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