Who Is Davey Hamilton Jr.? New Details About The Racecar Driver Arrested For Holding Girlfriend At Gunpoint

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Who Is Davey Hamilton Jr.? New Details About The Racecar Driver Arrested For Holding Girlfriend At Gunpoint

Davey Hamilton Jr., son of former IndyCar driver and 11 time Indianapolis 500 participant Davey Hamilton, was arrested on February 23rd for allegedly posing as a modeling agent, luring his ex-girlfriend to Florida, and holding her against her will at gunpoint. The 21-year-old reportedly entered his ex-girlfriend's suite at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown West Palm Beach. The ex was under the impression that she had come to Florida from Indiana to be a brand ambassador for a vodka company. She told the West Palm Beach Police Department that she had been offered the job a week earlier after a series of text messages between her and "Alex" who is friends with Hamilton and sponsored his race team. She was promised $5,000 for the gig. Who is Davey Hamilton, Jr.?

1. He is from Boise, Idaho

Davey Hamilton Jr. was born March 15, 1997 in Boise, Idaho. He made his racing debut at his local karttrack near Star, Idaho. He is a third generation race car driver. Hamilton races mainly midgets and sprint cars and made his Indy Lights debut in 2016. He currently races in Speed Energy Formula Off-Road. 

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2. The Florida incident

Hamilton's ex-girlfriend told authorities she was promised $5,000 to be a brand ambassador for a vodka company. When she arrived in Florida, she was picked up at the airport by a private chauffeur and taken to her hotel room at the Hyatt Hotel. She was told by "Alex" via text to get ready. 

3. She was in the shower

While she was in the shower, Davey Hamilton Jr. allegedly broke into the room and confronted her with a 10-inch green foldable serrated knife. She told police she got out of the shower but Hamilton blocked the door and didn't allow her to leave the bathroom. He reportedly told her "It didn't have to be this way."

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4. "Very angry"

The woman told police that Hamilton was "very angry and kept the knife pointed at her the whole time." He was not yelling but it was clear that he was very angry as the incident progressed. He accused her of cheating on him and asked her a series of questions with the knife pointed right at her. She was able to escape about 25 minutes later and screamed for help. Hamilton escaped out of the emergency exit of the hotel. 

5. Taken into custody

Police found Hamilton near Palm Beach Atlantic University and arrested him on false imprisonment and aggravated assault charges. During police questioning, Hamilton allegedly confessed and told authorities he didn't intend to hurt his ex, just scare her. He admitted to making up the whole scheme including using different numbers to communicate with her. He admitted there was no "Alex" and it was him that was texting her and luring her to Florida. 

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6. $30,000 bail

Davey Hamilton Jr. was arrested and is being held at the West Palm Beach Main Detention Center on $30,000 bail. He was charged with two third-degree felonies: armed false imprisonment and assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. Jim Voyles and Brian Bieber are Hamilton's criminal attorneys. They released a statement to the Indianapolis Star saying: “We believe the facts ultimately may come out a little differently than they are being portrayed at this time. We believe there is another side to this story." A court hearing is scheduled for March 25 where Hamilton will face formal charges. He hasn't yet entered a plea.

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