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5 Details About Annie Smith, Lil Xan's Girlfriend — And Their Pregnancy Announcement

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Who Is Annie Smith? 5 Details Lil Xan Girlfriend Engaged Talking Marriage

It has only been a few months since Lil Xan and ex-girlfriend Noah Cyrus split but the rapper seems to have already moved on. 

Following a messy breakup in September 2018, Lil Xan, whose real name is Diego Leanos, is now dating Annie Smith and the two are reportedly pretty serious about their relationship. They are even talking about marriage, according to a source close to Xan. 

Lil Xan has completely moved on from his breakup with Noah, and is more in love than ever before with his new girlfriend, Annie,” a source close to the rapper shared with Hollywood Life

On February 17, 2019, Lil Xan announced on Instagram that the couple is expecting their first child: "“I wanted to wait, but I just can’t leave my fans in the dark. It’s official. I’m going to be a father. I love you guys so much and hope you stay along for this crazy journey, and I’ve never felt more happy in my life. All of you are invited to the gender reveal party I promise!”

Their relationship came out of nowhere but the two appear to be going strong and are as happy as ever! She is even the 22-year-old rapper's biggest supporter as he battles his addiction in rehab, which he checked into on Sunday. Xan announced he was checking into rehab back in November following the death of his idol, Mac Miller, but his admittance was delayed. 

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"I just feel like it's time to get better," Lil Xan previously told TMZ about his plans to enter rehab for his issues with opioids. "I've been way worse in the past. I've actually been ten times worse than what I've been now but I want to do rehab just so I can get over this last little hump...so I can finally be back to Diego."

Smith has made it clear she is going to stand by Xan's side as he works to better himself and we are so happy for them! And now with her pregnancy and first child on the way, the future looks bright for the couple. 

So who is Lil Xan's girlfriend and baby mama, Annie Smith?

1. She fully supports Lil Xan's decision to go to rehab.

Smith took to her boyfriend's Instagram page to announce he checked into rehab for opioid addiction. She also used Lil Xan's account to gush about how much she cares for him and express her gratitude for the support his fans have shown.

"This sweet angel of mine officially entered rehab this morning," Smith wrote on Sunday. "I'm sorry for all the confusion circulating about Diego leaving for rehab. It's a tricky thing since people are coming in and out of the facility so often that rooms end up getting switched around and dates can be pushed back. I'm so beyond proud of this precious boy for being the strongest person I know and wanting to live a better life."

"Please keep him in your prayers, he is doing his best right now to find peace with himself," she continued. "We love you all so much, and we appreciate all of the support. I love him beyond words and cannot wait to see what the future holds for our family. xanarchy family – love, Annie”

2. She plans to keep her boyfriend's fans updated.


Smith has let Lil Xan's 5.2 million followers know that she will be handling his Instagram account until he completes rehab.

"Account Ran by @anniiesmith Until Diego gets home in Roughly a month," his bio reads. 

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3. They have been BFF's for a long time.


Xan and Smith met years ago but were never romantically involved until recent months. A source close to the rapper revealed the story of how they met.

"Xan has been best friends with Annie for a few years now, and although he’s always thought she was beautiful, he never really looked at her as more than a friend,” the source shared. “He went through a rough breakup with Noah, and Annie was always there supporting him and giving him a shoulder to lean on. Xan is so grateful to have Annie in his life and loves her more than anything.” 

4. They are more serious than you think.

Lil Xan and Smith began dating in September but they are very serious about their relationship. The pair has even discussed marriage, according to a source close to the rapper.

“They have only been dating for a short while, but he definitely could see himself spending the rest of his life with her and even got a new tattoo of her name," a source told Hollywood Life. "Xan and Annie have been inseparable since they started dating, and are already talking marriage."

5. She is very involved with Lil Xan's career.


Talk about a #1 fan! Smith promotes her boyfriend's music all over social media. "Xanarchy," what Lil Xan's fanbase is called, is written in her Instagram bio and her highlights are full of clips of her man's concert accompanied by cute and supportive captions.

"A man of many talents," she wrote on a video of Xan scratching a record on stage. "I'm so proud of you," she captioned another."

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