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Are Meek Mill And Kourtney Kardashian Dating?

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Are Meek Mill And Kourtney Kardashian Dating?

Most of the news about the Kardashians has surrounded Khloé and Kylie Jenner, following the revelations that Tristan Thompson, the father of Khloé’s child, cheated on her with Kylie’s BFF Jordyn Woods. Khloé has covertly taken to Twitter to slam Woods. She recently liked two tweets from Kardashian fans that bash Woods.

Khloé and Thompson had reportedly been having issues since April when videos revealed he’d been getting a little too close and comfortable with other women days before Khloé had their daughter True. A source told PEOPLE shortly after the Woods story broke that even though Khloé forgave Thompson at first, things between the couple “never really went back to normal.” The two had been living apart since the fall.

“It really seems she’s able to see what everyone else has been seeing for so long—that she was always too good for Tristan," The source commented. "She deserves so much better. In the end, now that they are 100 percent over, Khloé feels like she did everything she could to be in a relationship with Tristan. Clearly, he doesn’t care about his relationship with her.”

Thompson may not care about his relationship with her, but he appears to care about her looks. He liked a three-photo post Kourtney shared on Feb. 26 of his ex along with Kourtney and Kendall. The three are dressed in looks that show off all their curves. In the second photo, Khloé and Kendall have a hand on their Kourtney’s sheer bottom. Someone else also liked the photo—but not for Khloé. Meek Mill took to the comments section of the photo and shared his thoughts, quite bluntly. “A-- Phat in the second pic,” he said, along with a shrugging emoji.

Are Kourtney Kardashian and Meek Mill dating? The two may not be together, but Meek unabashed comment could lead to more. It may not be a bad time for Meek to slide into Kourtney’s DMs.

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1. Kourtney is single.

Kourtney has been connected to a number of men over the years, but recently, none have seemed to stick.

She has a long and complicated relationship with Scott Disick, the father of her three children. Then was Justin Bieber in 2015; they reportedly hooked up for a few months. Then she dated Younes Bendjima from late 2016 to August 2018. The two met at Paris Fashion Week in October 2016. Bendjima is a model. Their breakup came soon after Bendjima publicly showed his distaste for a photo Kourtney posted to Instagram.

He commented on her thong photo, “That’s what you need to show to get likes?” Then deleted the comment.

A source told Us Weekly that he had been kidding — given their relationship status a month after his comment, but maybe he wasn’t.


Smile for the camera 

A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on Feb 25, 2019 at 6:31pm PST

2. She’s been seen with Luka Sabbat.

Kourtney was most recently connected with Luka Sabbat, starting just a month after her breakup with Bendjima. In October 2018, Sabbat told Us Weekly that it “doesn’t even matter” what people think about his love life and that “it’s [his] life.” A source told PEOPLE that same month that their fling was over, because “[Kourtney] has more important things to focus on, like her kids and her work.”

In November, however, the two were spotted together two times, first leaving Sean “Diddy” Combs’ birthday party, and then at Sabbat’s own 21st birthday party.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on Feb 21, 2019 at 12:52pm PST

3. She’s ready to mingle.

Despite her link with Sabbat, Kourtney has been advertising her single status on her Instagram story. In January, she posted a clip to her story from Notting Hill with the caption “I want to be in love,” along with a crying emoji.

After an on-and-off relationship with Disick for nine years, a year on her own, and then two years with Bendjima, the single life is pretty unfamiliar territory for Kourtney.

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don’t be shady, be a lady

A post shared by Kourtney Kardashian (@kourtneykardash) on Jul 16, 2018 at 11:18am PDT

4. Meek is also looking for love.

The rapper hosts #AskMeek Twitter sessions every so often. During his Feb. 25 session, a fan asked him what it will take for him to take a woman seriously. He responded, “She gotta match me and I gotta match her."

He later said, “I ain't sitting around waiting on nobody to love me. I’m Just having it my way!"

5. His last significant relationship was with Nicki Minaj.

The two dated for two years: they broke up early in 2017. They began dating early in 2015, while Meek was Minaj’s opening act for her world tour that year. Minaj broke the news in a Tweet after rumors began to swirl around their relationship.

"To confirm, yes I am single. Focusing on my work & looking forward to sharing it with you guys really soon. Have a blessed New Year. Love u," she posted.

The last time the rapper and singer had posted photos of them together was in early December — after the breakup. However, she posted a photo of blue Chanel shoes gifted to her from a friend with the caption, “Thank God u BLUE it. Thank God I dodged the bullet. I’m so over u…”

More details about their breakup can be heard in Minaj’s single, “Regret in Your Tears.”

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