9 TV Couples That Are Total Relationship Goals — And What We Can All Learn From Them

On-screen romances are just like ours.

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Most of the ways we learn how to love come from watching our own loved ones. However, the way we consume television can also influence the way we see relationships.

The couples we see in our favorite TV shows can teach us a lot about love, heartbreak, and relationships. We become invested in their every move and feel happy when they finally get together and sad when they decide to split. We long for a love like theirs and pray we never experience the heartbreak they go through.


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Adult relationships are all about effort and consistency and TV ships show us the behind-the-scenes efforts and struggles relationships consist of and often shed light on how to overcome them and keep the love alive. It's easy to find yourself looking to sitcoms for relationship advice and hoping for a love like that of a couple on your favorite show.

Below are nine of the best on-camera couples and methods on how to practice the way they love their partners.

1. Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago (Brooklyn-99)

Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago have one of the healthiest adult relationships on mainstream television. They started off as detectives in a Brooklyn precinct. Their mutual feelings blossomed into a courtship, to an engagement and eventually marriage. There wasn’t the scripted on-and-off again love that Hollywood writers like to put their couples through.


Be like Peraltiago by unconditionally supporting your partner’s dreams. Even when they doubt themselves, be the one to cheer them on. Tell them you’ll meet them at the finish line and that there’s nothing they can’t accomplish. Love your partner’s quirks, all of them. Remind yourself that they have always been the person you fell in love with.

2. Jane and Rafael (Jane the Virgin)

I am without a doubt a Jafael shipper but I’ve also been a fan of Villadero (the Michael and Jane counter-ship). I just want Jane to be happy, OK? But here’s why Jafael is my OTP. Through every up and down, they have always had each other’s back. They always come back together, no matter the setback. This has to mean something, right? The universe has a plan in motion and somehow that plan involves these two together.


Baggage is a big theme between these two. If you want a love like Jafael, you’ll have to accept everything that happened before your partner met you. It can be messy, tiring and even scary to accept all their flaws, but you’re promising that the love you create will be far better and worth it in the long run. Love isn’t easy. It’s messy in so many ways. However, with the right person, everything will be all right.

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3. Villadero (Jane the Virgin)

I still want to give a nod to Villadero. Michael and Jane have been through a lot together. He’s had her back for a pregnancy that wasn’t even for his own kid. We see him as a loving and supportive boyfriend who is completely in love with his girlfriend. He knows how to make Jane laugh which is super important.


Practice their love by knowing when to be selfless for your partner. There will be times where their needs come before you so you must think about them. Think about their happiness. Even if it’ll pain you, sometimes the biggest gift is letting them go.

4. The Belchers (Bob’s Burgers)

Another one of my OTPs would have to be the Belchers. Linda and Bob are your comical husband-wife duo who’ve seen and been through it all together. They have three kids but seem to get into their fair share of shenanigans. Linda and Bob are very different from each other but it’s through their differences that they find things to love anyway.


Be like the Belchers by challenging your partners when they may be wrong but supporting and evening joining them on their journey of self-discovery. 

5. Captain Hook and Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time)

Nothing says true love than seeing your partner turn to the dark side and still want to be with them anyway. Captain Swan came out of nowhere. However, it didn’t take long for everyone to want Captain Swan to be endgame.


The key ingredients of practicing a Captain Swan kind of love is consistency. It’s not about the grand gesture of love but instead, it's remembering and doing all the little things that matter. It’s about seeing that your partner might have their dark days but supporting them through it anyway.

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5. Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)

If your partner’s got a secret identity to saving the world, make sure you know this. Olicity has had its fair share of ups and downs. Lots of the pair's issues could’ve been solved with a little more transparency early in the dating stage but they fought through it and came out stronger.


Communication and honesty are key to having an Olicity kind of love. Always talk with your partner when it comes to your fears and insecurities about a relationship. Be open about the kind of troubles you may carry from your past. Your partner will want to help carry your baggage, just as you would theirs.

6. Poussey and Soso, (Orange Is The New Black)

I’m not crying, you are. PouSo was short lived but during their time together you could see how meaningful it was to be with one another.


Their love was the kind that could convince anyone love comes in all shapes and sizes. PouSo understood that past upbringings will not change the way they feel about each other. They accept the other with open arms, something we can all learn something from.

7. Ben and Leslie (Parks and Recreation)

Ben and Leslie are a wonderful couple that shows how great adult relationships can be when you wholly love everything they do. Ben admires Leslie and encourages her to go after her dreams. Leslie accepts Ben for all that he is, which is a pretty great person.


Practice their love by having your partner’s back. Show your disagreements with them privately but always let the world know that you are your partner’s ride or die.

8. Cam and Mitch (Modern Family)

Cam and Mitch have been together through thick and thin. They show us that having a little hilarity in our lives makes all the difficult situations a little bit easier. In order to have a love like theirs, you must learn not to take life so seriosuly. Keep the laughter rolling no matter what curveball life throws at you because in the end, you have each other.


9. Jack and Rebecca Pearson (This is Us)

What is there to say about Jack and Rebecca Pearson other than "Wow?" These two haven’t had it easy but they always come back to each other. They understand the struggle of real life and are willing to put whatever work means necessary to mending their relationship.

If the Pearsons have taught its viewers anything it’s that relationships require real work. It is a give-and-take situation. Sometimes your partner will end up taking more and other times you will. Don’t forget that you tackle issues together, you don’t attack each other.


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