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Is Mama June Pregnant? New Details About The Rumor That She's Having Another Child

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Is Mama June Pregnant? New Details About The Rumor That She's Having Another Child

Mama June Shannon is no stranger to transformation. Since Honey Boo Boo’s mom broke onto the scene in 2012, she has got from anonymous pageant circuit parent to reality tv queen to make-over miracle. She even has her own subscription box.

Mama June is about to return to WE TV for the third season of her show Mama June: From Not To Hot and the trailers have fans asking a lot of questions about what’s next for this Mama. She’s putting weight back on but why? Is she eating too much? Or is Mama June going to be a Mama again?

Is this season going to show Mama June trying to get back in control of her fitness journey or is there a new baby on the way? Is Mama June pregnant? Read on for all the details.

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1. She has all the mama experience. 

At 39 years old, June has been a mother for more than half her life.

She had her first daughter Anna just after her 15th birthday in 1994. Anna’s father was Michael Dunn and the relationship didn’t last. June dropped out of high school because of the pregnancy, though she later went on to earn a GED. She got involved with Michael Anthony Ford and he fathered Jessica, born in 1996 and Lauryn, born in 2000. June had her fourth child, Alana, with Mike Thompson in 2005. 


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2. She's a grand-mama

While June became a mother at a young age, she also became a grandmother at a young age, welcoming her first grandchild when she was 33.

In 2012, daughter Anna had her first baby, named Kaitlyn, and a second daughter, Kylee followed in 2015. Daughter Lauryn gave birth to her own daughter, named Ella in 2017. 


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3. She's had some troubled romances.

June’s romantic life has been littered with men were guilty of various kinds of abuse. While her relationship with the young man who fathered Anna was brief and didn’t result in lasting harm, Michael Anthony Ford, the father of Jessica and Lauryn is a convicted sex offender.

He was convicted of exploiting oral sex from a minor female online. Another of June’s boyfriends, Mark McDaniel, was convicted of abusing Anna. Lauryn actually questions whether McDaniel is her biological father because June had a long-standing relationship with him. June divorced Michael Thompson, who is Alana’s father, in 2011 and claimed that the abused her.

Her current partner is Geno Doak, who doesn’t have a record of abuse but has served time of burglary and property damage. 

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I can't believe this day three years ago we have met who would have imagined two people that were not looking for anything and did not want to be in a relationship at the time would turn into never leave each other side I have to say it's been some of the best times of my life and the girls life yes i know we separated few a months in 2016 but we reunited and realized we both wanted each other life forever and this is where we wanted to be but I have to say I love you just as much today I'm in love with you and fall in love with you everyday you are my rock and my voice of reason I know sometimes I get on your nerves but just know that you are very much appreciated for each and everything always saying that it's the little things that happen in life I hope that we are together many years and months and days to come he make life so easy and so fun and crazy I wouldn't have it any other way you have been here through everything weight loss many surgeries me losing my vision things are going with the kids pumpkin giving birth to tink which y'all both think the world of each other about just know that I love and I care about you very much and would do anything to see you happy thanks for bringing so much joy to my life and showing us that men are not all bad here are some of my favorite memories that we have shared with each other over the years as I always tell you I want to be together 20 plus years so we have 17 more to go dp hold on for a wild crazy adventurous busy continuati ous of this amazing story we have going (sn this was suppose post yesterday the 13th)#stillinlovrnhappy #3yrs #junp #powercouple #12/13/15 @doakgeno

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4. She found fame on a reality show.

In 2012, June and Alana made a splash on the TLC show Toddler and Tiaras, which detailed Alana’s performances on the kiddie pageant circuit.

Alana quickly grew such a fan base that the family was offered its own show called Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, which began in 2012. The show was canceled abruptly after producers and audiences found out that June was involved with a McDaniel, a registered sex offender. 


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5. She came back to TV with Not to Hot.

Never one to stay down for long, June resurrected the family’s reality show fame in 2017 when she took a leading role in a reality series detailing her weight loss journey.

At her heaviest, June weighed 460 pounds. On the first season of Mama June; From Not To Hot, she underwent a sleeve gastrectomy procedure to alter the size of her stomach. She lost over 300 pounds as a result of the surgery. After the weight loss, she got an estimated $75,000 worth of plastic surgery to remove excess skin and other procedures. 

6. Will she be a mama again?

While the second season of Not to Hot, focused on family drama more than on weight loss, the third season is alleged to be getting back to its roots. According to the trailer for season three, June has started putting weight back on and loved ones are scolding her for her return to unhealthy eating habits. June however, expresses some concern that the weight gain might be related to a pregnancy.

In one clip on the trailer she says “Gramma Flo is a little late for her visit this month,” suggesting that a pregnancy is a real possibility. The trailer leaves fans hanging, however, and doesn’t give any more clues about what happens next. A peek at social media feeds for June and the show are equally frustrating. The network and its stars are keeping the photos to a minimum so there are no spoilers about what happens on the new season.

Will Mama June be a Mama again? Fans will have to watch and see. 

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