Who Is Rebekah Graf? New Details About Josh Duhamel's New Girlfriend

He's calling her his girlfriend.

Who Is Rebekah Graf? New Details About Josh Duhamel's New Girlfriend Instagram

Josh Duhamel might be off the market. 

The 46-year-old actor is rumored to be dating 36-year-old actress Rebekah Graf. While a source told Hollywood Life that Josh and Rebekah are not together, he was spotted kissing her in Beverly Hills on Dec. 19. Apparently, they've been dating for about two months — and things between the two are "official." 

A source told Life & Style, that Josh was heard calling Rebekah his girlfriend while they were on a romantic getaway to The Village at Mammoth in California's Mammoth Mountain during the second annual Mammoth Mountain Film Festival. Josh was debuting the first film he directed, Buddy Games. 


Even though they were side-by-side during the entire event, they weren't entirely ready to walk the red carpet together. 

“Josh wasn’t ready to make it red-carpet official,” a source told the mag. “But he did bring Rebekah as his date to the Buddy Games premiere.” 

So who is Rebekah Graf? Here's everything we know about Josh Duhamel's girlfriend. 

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1. They "couldn't keep their hands off each other." 

By not walking the red carpet together, you might think that Josh and Rebekah are trying to keep their relationship on the down low. But if that's the case, they're doing a really bad job.


A source who saw them at the film festival said they "couldn't keep their hands off each other" after they were seated to watch the film. 

“Josh made sure they got the best seats in the house and was rubbing her back as they waited to watch the film. You can tell that Josh is really into Rebekah. He didn’t even notice the other girls there. She had his full attention.” 



Meow or never 

A post shared by REBEKAH GRAF (@rebekahgraf) on Feb 18, 2019 at 1:39pm PST

2. There's a big age gap. 

Those of you who are good at math probably noticed that there's a decent age gap between Josh and Rebekah — almost 10 years. And that could be a good thing because Josh, who shares one 5-year-old son — Axl Duhamel — with Fergie, wants to have more kids. 


“I’m not 30 years old anymore. I’m 45," he said on a recent episode of Dax Shepard's podcast Armchair Expert. "I want to have more kids in the next few years. So, it’s more about finding someone young enough to have kids.” 

It's unclear if Rebekah has any children or if she wants any in the future. 



I’ve had a theory about life for quite a while that I refer to as “scrambled eggs”. To sum it up, when you look back on the moments that you shared with someone, whether it be a grandparent who has passed, or a friend who lives too far away to squeeze, or even the magical days of your childhood, it’s not the big events that stand out. It was never the fancy days, or celebrations that everyone labeled important that you miss the most. The moments that make up our lives (the moments that make us who we are) are the every day ones. Its the moments that you’re laying in bed, late at night talking about the universe, laughing and sharing stories while sitting in traffic, or the Tuesday mornings eating scrambled eggs. The moments that made my best friends the best ones were the hundreds of laughs we had while passing in the school hallways day after day. The moments that gave me an unbreakable bond with my family were the everyday routines and the nightly bedtime kisses and stories, and when I look back on the times where I’ve been in love, it’s been the rainy evenings on the couch, wearing sweatpants, eating takeout, and watching a movie (and each other) that made it special, never the formal affairs. Mister Rogers once gave a fan the advice, “I feel so strongly that deep and simple is far more essential than shallow and complex”. Here are some of the deep, simple, scrambled eggs of my life. Oh how I have been made (and made better) by them all 

A post shared by REBEKAH GRAF (@rebekahgraf) on Feb 13, 2019 at 4:09pm PST

3. She's an accomplished actress. 

Known for appearing in episodes of Hawaii Five-O, Bones, Workaholics, Riptide and Entourage, Graf is set to play Heather Graham in the upcoming movie The Dirt. It's a Netflix original all about how Motley Crue rose to fame within the music scene. 


If you remember, Graham was previously married to Tommy Lee — who will be played by Machine Gun Kelly — so this seems like it could be a pretty prominent role in the film. 

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Rainy Monday house cat vibes. Send snuggles and snacks pls and thx 

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4. She's from Texas. 

According to her bio on IMDb, Rebekah was born on July 27, 1982, in Corpus Christi, Texas. Her middle name is Elizabeth.


5. Josh is looking for someone to "start a family with." 

As we said early, Josh is definitely down to have more kids, and even though he's dating around, he sounds like he's ready to settle down again after his divorce from Fergie. 

"It’s not as if I’m out there trying to just f— anything," he continued on Dax's podcast. "That’s not who I am. I’m trying to find a girl that I can be with and have a family with.”

So if you take that quote and add in that only house before that podcast aired he was seen making out with Rebekah at a celebrity hot spot in Beverly Hills, their whole relationship seems pretty legit. 


6. She seems close to her family. 

There's not a lot of information about Rebekah online, but a quick swipe of her Instagram page will tell you that she's funny, loves to be in front of the camera and seems to be close with her family. 

"My spirit animal is a seagull because I just want to eat fries and scream whenever I feel like it," she captioned a photo of herself in a pink dress, "dress is from the lovelies at @blackhalo and photos are by my 15 year old nephew, who is very much taller than I am, but still let’s me smooch his cheeks in public."


"You can take the girl outta south Texas," she wrote in another post of her tagged in her hometown, "side note: my nephew took this photo of me. He is practically perfect at every single thing in life (except eating his vegetables)."

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