Who Is Jessica Clarke? New Details On Ben Higgins' Girlfriend

She's 23.

Who Is Jessica Clarke? New Details On Ben Higgins' Girlfriend instagram

Anyone who watches The Bachelor or The Bachelorette knows that the chances of the couple staying together after filming ends and they are engaged is slim to none. In the 23 seasons The Bachelor has aired, and 14 for The Bachelorette, only seven couples altogether have remained engaged or married.

Some may have thought that Ben Higgins would have one of those lasting relationships with Lauren Bushnell, to whom he was engaged. Unfortunately, the two called off their engagement in May 2017. But that’s not the end of the story because Ben began dating after their breakup and landed himself a solid new relationship with a woman named Jessica Clarke.


After weeks of hinting that he had a “secret girlfriend,” both Ben and Jessica made posts on their individual Instagram accounts revealing their relationship!

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In his post, he wrote, “I’ve been selfishly keeping this girl to myself for too long! Hey friends meet @jessclarke_! I successfully slid into her Dm’s a few months ago. I took a risk and I am glad I did. She is someone special, and I look forward to where life is going to take us. Stay tuned for the journey.”


She also posted the same photo with the caption, “My secret boyfriend, Ben! He has one of the biggest hearts and kindest spirits, I got to share Honduras with him this past week and I’m excited for many more adventures!”

But just who is Jessica Clarke?



A post shared by Jessica Clarke (@jessclarke_) on Jun 20, 2018 at 8:20am PDT

Based on her social media, it appears she graduated from college in May 2018 with a Bachelor’s in Integrated Marketing and Communications from the University of Mississippi. She currently works as a key account manager. She’s also talked about her account on a child care website.


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It looks like she’s a bit younger than Ben, with a five- or six-year age difference; reports have said she is 23 years old. They also have faith in common. Jessica has a bible verse in her Instagram bio, and Ben openly discussed his religious views and love of God after appearing on The Bachelor.

But we’d like to know why Ben waited so long to reveal their relationship! He said:


“There is something about [saying I’m in a relationship] that’s not easy. I’m realizing how much of my identity was being single. I’ve been in one place for so long now, and had to accept that one status, that it’s exciting and I know it’s the right thing, but it’s also abnormal and unfamiliar for me to say out loud that I’m in a committed relationship. I am a little concerned because this is a big identity shift and switch for me, and that feels weird. But I’m ready for it, I’m excited about it and I wouldn’t do it with just anybody.

Jessica kind of came inside this whole thing and said ‘I get your struggles, and I just like you for who you are.’ With the right person this does feel great, exciting, peaceful. And I know that I’m not super messed up! Somebody actually likes me!”



A post shared by Jessica Clarke (@jessclarke_) on Mar 18, 2018 at 12:02pm PDT

The couple has been dating exclusively for a few months now, and it seems like Jessica is everything Ben wants in a partner. According to him, “It’s been incredible to, at the end of the day, have somebody to talk to without fear of judgment, getting yelled at or criticized. Just somebody to talk to and enjoys you, appreciates you and tells you that and shows you that. It’s nice to have a partner who thinks I’m awesome. I like being with somebody who thinks I’m pretty great!”


While their relationship is still pretty new, we hope they stick together long after the honeymoon phase is over.

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