Are Young M.A. And Bernice Burgos Dating?

What's the deal?

Are Young M.A. And Bernice Burgos Dating? Instagram

This week, instead of drowning myself in a tub full of freshly melted Whitman's Samplers (ouch though), I was drowning in the juice that Katorah Marrero AKA Young M.A. was celebrating the day of love with someone very special! The rumored paramour in question? Modern-day video vixen Bernice Burgos! Um, yes, please? When photographs of the duo emerged on Instagram the tongues started wagging, and you can't hardly blame 'em for doing that, if the rumors are true, this is one seriously hot couple and a couple who knows how to use social media to share their love. 


M.A. is no stranger to ladies dripping themselves all over her. It's been a part of her daily life since she first popped up on the scene in 2016 with "Ooouuu"! It's hard to stay away from someone with M.A.'s swagger, let alone stay away from someone with a triple-platinum album and hundreds (and hundreds) of YouTube views. It's no small wonder she's got her own coterie of admirers. But this one might be different from the rest of the bushel of basics.

After all, this is Bernice Burgos we're talking about! Bernice is a millionaire (and then some) in her own right. Ever since her success starring on MTV's Wild 'N Out", she's been impossible to ignore, from the high fashion shoots and booty pics she shares on Instagram, to turning up in music videos for the likes of Rick Ross, and J Cole! This diva-turned-mogul with her own sleepwear range can now count Young M.A. as another hip hop star whose video she made that much more fly with her appearance, but is there more to their relationship than the professional collaboration? Let's break it down. Are Young M.A. and Bernice Burgos dating?


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1. The Instagram Posts 



“Stubborn Ass” Video Out Now!! Link In Bio! #HappyVDay

A post shared by Young M.A (@youngma) on Feb 14, 2019 at 3:31pm PST

On Valentine's Day, celebs are careful how they play when it comes to social media. Instagram posts are usually reserved for the real deal significant others in their lives. That's why it turned heads when both Young M.A. and Bernice Burgos herself shared posts that prominently featured... each other!


For Young M.A. this meant sharing the Instagram photo of herself embracing Bernice shared below. While the new caption simply shouts out her new video, the original caption read "got my Valentine's Day Chocolate!" Um, does it get any cuter? Bernice responded on her Instagram by sharing a now-deleted photo of the two of them sitting on the couch playing video games. While Bernice has since removed the pic (adding fuel to the fire, imho), she replaced it with a link to Young M.A.'s music video, in which she also stars. 

Posting all this to Instagram is one thing, but removing it? Now that looks damn suspicious! 


2. The Starring Role 

In the video for "Stubborn Ass", Bernice and Young M.A. do play a couple. It's a fact that has delighted fans so much that they are reaching out via social media to ask the stars if there's truth behind all of the rumors.

It's clear that the idea of the two stars as a couple is something that is uber-exciting to their fans — and if you watch the video it's not hard to see why. They share serious chemistry even if at 38, Young M.A. is more than ten years Bernice's senior. 


3. The Flirtatious Banter 

You can overlook the posting, write it off as social media prowess designed to get engagement and likes and to get tongues wagging. Heck, it totally did regardless of if that was their mission or not! But there's something else that the two women have been doing that's a lot harder to ignore: flirting! 

At one point in their social media exchanges, Young M.A. replied to a pic Bernice posted with lovey-eyed emojis. She, in turn, replied with "Bae!" and then an embarrassed monkey-faced emoji. 

Cross-promoting a post with a fake relationship to get more eyes on a video? Sure, but flirty banter like that? Fake? I think not. 

4. The Other Admirers

Whatever the truth may be, Young M.A. better keep her head in the game if she plans on being a part of Bernice's life as a romantic partner because this is a woman who is very, very much in demand, and you don't exactly need to be in her inner circle to hear about it, either. 


Bernice is sexy, young, talented, and insanely wealthy, of course, she's attracted the eyes of others — and famous eyes at that! Just look at who is sending lovey faces her way on her Instagram posts if you doubt me. Meek Mill has been known to publicly flatter the mother of two and there were even rumors that spoke of a love triangle between Bernice, TI, and his on again off again wife, Tiny.

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