Where Is Rose Bundy Now? New Details About Serial Killer Ted Bundy's Daughter

And what is she up to?

Where Is Rose Bundy Now? New Details About Serial Killer Ted Bundy's Daughter getty

Ted Bundy was a monster. In the span of just four years, he murdered at least 30 women that authorities know about. While he was on the loose, it affected the entire country. As more reports came in about more and more pretty young women being abducted, assaulted, and murdered, it was as if no one could do so much as walk to their cars late at night without looking over one shoulder and picking up the pace if they felt even a whiff of trouble. Suffice to say, it was a happy day for many people when they finally arrested Bundy — and even more so when they finally managed to keep him in a jail cell after multiple escape attempts. 


But even monsters can have a human side. In fact, one of the things about Ted Bundy that made him so frightening, something that still draws people towards his crimes today, is the fact that he looked so much NOT like a monster! Handsome, intelligent, and charismatic, Bundy liked being the center of attention. He also liked knowing what he looks and demeanor could help him get away with doing. While some people thought Bundy odd, most enjoyed his company, particularly, the women. Knowing that, it's not exactly shocking to learn that before he executed in prison he managed to father at least one child that we know of — and is there anything more human than creating a child? Her name is Rose Bundy and for years, people have speculated about her identity and her whereabouts. 


When Ted Bundy was executed, it brought the families of his victims closer, though it would never be able to heal their grieving hearts. But when Ted died, he caused grief of his own, leaving behind the people who cared about him, including his daughter, Rose. What Rose's feelings about her father are, no one knows — or if they do, certainly no one is saying. She's done her best to live a quiet, private, and secretive life, free from the shadows of her father's name. But here's what we do know about the daughter of one of the world's most infamous serial killers. Where is Rose Bundy now? New details about Ted Bundy's daughter.

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1. Who Is Rose Bundy? 

Rose Bundy (also known as Rosa) was born in the early days of October 1981 making her 37 years old, though an exact date of her birth is difficult to verify. 

She is the only known child of Ted Bundy and those closest to her have made it their life's work to make sure that she gets the privacy she deserves so that she can live as normal as life as is possible. 


2. Who Is Her Mother? 

Rose's mother is Carole Anne Boone who Ted Bundy met when he was working for the Department of Emergency Services in Olympia Washington. 

When Ted and Carole met, she was newly divorced and facing the daunting reality of dating again as a single mother to a teenager son, Jamey.  

According to Carole, Ted expressed his interest in her right away and she was very flattered, deeming him to be charming, smart, and attractive. Ted pursued her and the couple began dating each other, but they were not exclusive. 

You see, Ted was dating multiple women during this period in his life, including long-time girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer. 


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In fact, the couple didn't become very close until Ted was finally put on trial for murder in Florida in 1979. Carole chose to stand by her man and the couple exchanged hundreds of letters while he was on trial. Eventually, their bond became so intense that Carole and her son actually moved to Florida to be closer to Ted. 

Though the couple was never allowed to officially marry, Ted used his status as his own lawyer to "question" Carole on the stand during his trial, using this opportunity to propose to her in front of a stunned and appalled crowd of media and onlookers. Ted hoped to take advantage of an obscure law that made such proposals legal marriages in Florida but this union was never officially sanctioned. 

3. How Was She Conceived? 

As a death row inmate, Ted Bundy was not allowed to have conjugal visits with Carole Anne, and yet she got pregnant anyway while Bundy was awaiting death, a fact that has led to years of speculation. Carole herself was asked by a paper at the time called the Desert Sun how the conception happened and she responded the way most people in that situation would respond: "It's none of your business." 


Some speculate that they passed a condom back and forth via kissing as a means of transmission, but a more likely answer is that Bundy pooled money with other death row inmates to get time alone with Carole Anne which is when the conception took place. Whatever the truth may be, it resulted in Carole getting pregnant with Rose. 

4. Where Is Rose Bundy Now? 

The answer to the question is frustratingly vague because Rose has taken serious efforts to stay deep undercover and out of the media spotlight. And can you blame her? 

Three years before Ted Bundy was executed, Carole Anne Boone filed for a divorce and left the state of Florida with her two children, Jamey and Rose. 

Carole Anne had no contact with Ted after the divorce, and chances are she did not allow her daughter to communicate either. 


Once the tiny family was out of Florida and the case against Ted Bundy was closed and the man himself executed, Carole Anne seemed to disappear from the map altogether.

She changed her name and Rose's name when they moved, and because of this no one knows where either woman is today. 

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