Who Is Frazer Nagy? New Details On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Taylor Nolan's Boyfriend

Taylor Nolan officially has a new boyfriend.

Who Is Frazer Nagy? New Details On 'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Taylor Nolan's Boyfriend Instagram

Bachelor in Paradise's Taylor Nolan made her relationship with boyfriend Frazer Nagy Instagram official on Tuesday, and the couple looks happy as can be.

"Canada Man," she captioned the cute photo with her new man in front of a scenic background. Since she and her ex-fiance and BIP costar Derek Peth called off their engagement in June, Nolan has been very quiet about her love life and waited to publicly announce a new romance until she was sure it was real.


“I try to be as organic and open and authentic with my followers as I can be and I didn’t want to put things out there unless I was really, really sure,” the "Let's Talk About It" host told Us Weekly of going public with her relationship with Nagy. “Relationships are so private and so vulnerable that I was like, ‘I want to keep it to myself.’ But at the same time, there’s so much joy and so many great things to share from it, and it feels weird to keep him a secret when he’s a really big part of my life.”

So who is Frazer Nagy? Here is what we know about Taylor Nolan's boyfriend and their relationship.


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1. He's Canadian. 

Nagy lives in Canada and Nolan in Seattle, so their relationship has been long distance. That hasn't stopped the two lovebirds from forming a very real bond, though. In fact, the distance may have even been beneficial for them.


"Long distance in our relationships has caused us to have serious conversations about things like finances, and how we maintain an equal partnership," Nolan explained to E! News. "Our work and lifestyle has also allowed us to have really cool experiences and surprise visits, from romantic nights at his cabin in the woods to late nights out in New York. We are taking in all of the experiences."




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2. They met at a conference.

Nolan revealed to E! News that she met Nagy at the Fireside Conference in September and really hit it off.

"We met in the registration line at the Fireside Conference. We were at Camp Walden in northern Ontario and our last names both start with N. Vanessa [Grimaldi] actually recorded our very first interaction," she told the outlet.


Grimaldi said the pair just clicked.

"I giggled like a little girl and poked Taylor when Frazer started talking about his passions," she said. "I was like, this is Tay in a man version!"

Nolan added that she and Nagy "connected right off the bat."

"The chemistry was real. I witnessed it," continued Grimaldi. "I would find them cuddled on the grass overlooking the lake. He's sweet and gentle and most importantly, he is grounded."



3. His beard was what attracted Nolan to him.

According to Nolan, Nagy had a really nice beard, and she was totally into him for it.

"Initially, I was attracted to him because A) he has a great beard and B) he said he was going to build a fire that night," she told E! News. "He's a total weirdo, very smart, the most passionate person I've ever met when it comes to sustainability, the environment, and our food systems. The whole weekend at the conference was honestly magical."

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4. He founded Transparent Kitchen. 

According to Nagy's LinkedIn profile, he is the co-founder and CEO of Transparent Kitchen, "the world's first intelligent food and beverage platform." The restaurant is based in Ontario and strives to create "meaningful content that effectively tells the stories of our restaurants, chefs, and suppliers, empowering the next generation of diners," it's website states.

5. He's "incredibly supportive."

Despite their lives being very different from one another's, Nolan says Nagy is "incredibly supportive."


“It was all very natural, how we met,” she told Us Weekly. “My whole world is very different from his, so that was something I was unsure of, how that would work out. But he’s incredibly supportive and doesn’t make it weird at all and understands [the Bachelor Nation publicity] is just a part of my life.”


Peth — who told Us Weekly that he went to therapy following his breakup with Nolan — has not publicly commented on her new relationship.


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