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Who Is Sydney Lotuaco? 5 Things To Know About The Pro Dancer Who Walked Off Colton's Season Of The Bachelor

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Who is Sydney Lotuaco? 5 Things To Know About The Pro Dancer Who Left Bachelor Colton Underwood

As The Bachelor continues to heat up and as the season’s end draws closer, the drama continues to intensify for Colton Underwood and the remaining women.

This season has been off to a rocky start as Colton has come to realize not every contestant might be ready for a long-term commitment, let alone an engagement at the end of it all. ABC show producers have been taunting viewers with an upcoming clip of Colton’s dramatic fence-jump — and now many are wondering if it will it have something to do with what Sydney Lutaco said before she shockingly exited the show.

Last week's surprising exit from Elyse Dehlborn — along with the drama created by Onyeka and Nicole —seemed to push Colton to tell the remaining ladies that he wants to be engaged at the end.

"I've had people give up on me in the past... that's my worst nightmare, getting to the end of this and not getting love back," Colton said. "That's absolutely terrifying."

And hs admission seemed to push Sydney to reassess her feelings about Colton, and a potential engagement. Colton may end up regretting that he didn’t give Sydney enough time to get to know her before her exit. So who is Sydney Lotuaco? Here are five things we know.

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1. She gave Colton an ominous warning before she left.

During Monday’s episode, Sydney went on a group date with the other ladies and finally was able to pull Colton aside. She really wanted to challenge him about what he was looking for in a partner. The 27-year-old has a few years on some of the younger women vying for Colton’s attention and was ready to share her feelings about them.

“I feel like some girls, like Demi and Hannah B., they’re not as ready for marriage, and if that’s what he wants, then great,” she told cameras. “But I want to be very clear: in order for him to find his wife, he’s got to make a lot of changes, and hopefully he can hear me and understand what I’m actually saying to him. If not, I gotta go.”

In a chat with Colton, Sydney said she feared the choices he’s making with the women he’s kept on the show and that he may not be the right person for her.

"My fear though, also, is the choices that you're making. You're taking a lot of easier choices with the people that you are pursuing. I want something real and I want something magical and I want other things that you're looking for. There are some very wonderful people in that group. Figure out what you came here to find. Don't be distracted by shiny things, especially now."

Sydney left on a high note and shared words that showed her maturity.

"I just hope for him that he can figure out what is right and what is wrong," she said. "I can't keep being here expecting something to change, because I know that it won't."


A post shared by Sydney Lotuaco (@sydneylotuaco) on Jan 8, 2019 at 9:02am PST

2. She’s a professional dancer.

Sydney was a Knicks City Dancer, the dance team for the New York Knicks basketball team. The Instagram account for the Knicks City Dancers referred to her as a rookie for the 2016-2017 basketball season. But as she shared in the first Bachelor episode, she quit her job to be on the reality TV show for a shot at love with Colton. She has danced since she was 3 years old, and is a member of the dance agency, McDonald Selznick Associates.

Her bio for a HATCH Presenting Series piece from 2013 stated that Sydney has already performed in four nationwide Liberty Tax commercials, danced in a music video, and modeled for Dance Spirit magazine.


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3. She lives in New York City.

Sydney is originally from Virginia but according to her Instagram, she currently lives in New York City and works as a fitness instructor. She has taught barre at the Elite Physique 57 since 2014. But she noted on her LinkedIn that along with dance, health, and fitness, she's also interested in acting and modeling.

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A post shared by Sydney Lotuaco (@sydneylotuaco) on Jan 21, 2019 at 9:27pm PST

4. She’s a smart gal.

Sydney graduated from Marymount Manhattan College cum laude with a bachelor of fine arts in dance in 2014.  While in college, Sydney served as a resident advisor for three years and received the "Silver M" award from the dean for exceptional leadership.

5. She’s not new to TV.

Sydney also has a connection to another popular TV show, So You Think You Can Dance. She began dancing at Denise Wall's Dance Energy in Virginia Beach, mom of the show’s runners-up Travis Wall and Danny Tidwell. Travis has gone on to be a choreographer for the show, and Sydney learned choreography from both Travis and Tidwell.

Also, Sydney was one of the first contestants that Colton met when she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show alongside Annie (who was eliminated in Week 2) and Katie before the Bachelor season began filming. They played the game "Know or Go" and was a runner-up.


A post shared by Sydney Lotuaco (@sydneylotuaco) on Dec 29, 2016 at 7:08am PST

Will Colton regret Sydney’s leaving the show — or will he find real love with the remaining women? Tune in next Monday to find out!

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