6 Awkward New Details About The Camilla/Meghan Markle Royal Feud

Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles is giving Meghan the silent treatment.

6 Awkward New Details About The Camilla/Meghan Markle Royal Feud Instagram

All is reportedly not well inside the walls of Kensington Palace. 

According to a new report from Radar Online, Meghan Markle, 37, is feuding with yet another member of her new royal family: her stepmother-in-law. Even though she's been making headlines for allegedly fighting with fellow royal-by-marriage Kate Middleton, 37, her fight with Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles, 71, is much, much worse. 


“The drama with Meghan and Kate is nothing compared to what’s going on with Camilla,” a source told Radar Online. “Meghan has tried everything to get Camilla to warm up to her and nothing has worked.”

So why are the two royals fighting? We have all the details about the Camilla/Meghan Markle feud below. 

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1. Camilla is giving Meghan the silent treatment. 

Prince Charles' wife has been giving Meghan the ultimate low-blow: the silent treatment. While her general tone towards Meghan has been less than welcoming, she did break her silence to land a few insults. 


“Camilla doesn’t really talk to Meghan,” she said. “She is the snobbiest and least friendly. Camilla even told her ‘this is real life and you’re not an actress playing a role.'”

Um, ouch?

2. Meghan has been relying on the Queen and Prince Harry for support. 

Despite the passive-aggressiveness and insults, Markle is reportedly determined to make the relationship work.


"She wants to be close to her, but Camilla isn’t allowing it,” the source said. So instead of fighting for Camilla's friendship, Meghan is turning to her true allies in the palace: Prince Harry, 36 and Queen Elizabeth, 91. The Queen has apparently never approved of Camilla — mainly due to the alleged affair she was having with Prince Charles while he was married to Princess Diana — and has even referred to her as a "wicked woman."

“William and Harry aren’t close to Camilla either, so Harry is telling her not to worry about it," the source added. "He’s told Meghan she’s the mistress to his father so just forget about it. She’s not important to their happiness.”




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3. Camilla has thrown some shade at Meghan before. 

After her wedding to Prince Harry — and all the insane family drama that led up to it — Camilla spoke to reporters about the day, and threw some major shade to the Markles in the process. 


“It was such a lovely day. Just everything went right. We all wondered whatever would happen next and then everything went right," she said. “It’s nice to have something that is uplifting rather than depressing. Everything was just perfect, including the weather, which couldn’t have been better. It was a beautiful day. The only thing is that we are all losing our voices now!”

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4. Camilla reportedly doesn't like Meghan because of where she's from. 

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Camilla has been giving Meghan the coldest of shoulders because she's American. She also doesn't like the fact that she's a former actress — shoutout to those Suits days — and isn't a fan of her notorious headstrong personality. 


There have also been reports that Meghan is being treated unfairly by many people inside the palace because of her race (her dad is Caucasian and her mom is African American), but those reports have not been confirmed.



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5. Despite all this, they've both been campaigning for a similar cause. 

Last month, Meghan reached out to British workers, and many people pointed out that her mother-in-law likes to champion similar causes. Like Meghan, Camilla prides herself on giving attention to the less than photo-op friendly causes like addiction, mental health and the dangers many workers face. 

One would think that this would be a point of bonding between the two — but apparently not. 


6. This isn't the first time a feud between the two has been reported. 


In December, sources claimed Meghan was facing a lot of backlash from the royal family for making an impromptu appearance at the British Fashion Awards. Not only was she nicknamed "Hurricane Meghan" and "Difficult Duchess," but she reportedly upset her sister-in-law, who said she was "bossy" and "controlling."

But it was Camilla who was particularly ticked by Meghan's fashion awards appearance. 

"Camilla has sat back and watched Meghan's recent behavior in astonishment for a long time," an inside source said. "She chose to stay silent until now, but the sight of her hamming it up at the fashion awards show was the final straw."

"It wasn't just her 'look at me' attitude that incensed Camilla," the source continued. "What tipped her over the edge was the fact that she was breaking all the royal rules again and thinking she could get away with it. At this point, Camilla is ready to go to war with Meghan. She sees it as her duty to put Meghan in her place, if not drive her out of the royal family altogether."


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