5 Reasons You Need A Man Like Dwight Schrute This Valentine's Day

You know he loves you when he gives you a bouquet of beets.

dwight schrute boyfriend for valentine's day

Dwight Schrute from the sitcom The Office embodies everything that a woman unknowingly craves for in a man. Hear me out.

Every woman ideally wants a man (or woman) who loves her to the fullest of their ability and makes an amazing contribution to the family, which is exactly what someone like Dwight would be able to provide, even if it’s too much (or extreme) sometimes.

Compared to Jim, Dwight certainly does not get enough credit for being the perfect boyfriend every woman needs. Dwight isn’t as handsome, kind-hearted, or giving as Jim but he definitely knows how to spoil his loved ones (in his own unique and totally weird ways). He may not be everyone’s ideal guy but realistically, he is what every woman (or man) needs in a relationship.


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One thing that sets Dwight apart from other men is the fact that he is only nice to the people he cares for. He shows no emotion toward people he deems unworthy and would never go out of his way to do anything for them. This is great news for women who love to be the number one person in her man’s life as someone like Dwight will always give her 100 percent of his undivided attention. It’s also unlikely that he would ever cheat on his partner so that’s one thing women do not have to lose sleep over.


Not only will someone like Dwight provide lasting love, but he makes a great family man as well. Dwight knows the importance of family traditions and culture as showcased within his beet farm and traditional celebrations. A man like Dwight will make sure his family eats, sleeps, and lives (just) comfortably.

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A man like Dwight definitely isn’t a Jim or Prince Charming but he’ll make sure his woman is properly (and reasonably) pampered.

Here are five reasons every woman needs to pick up a man like Dwight Schrute this Valentine’s Day.


1.You’ll survive being stranded in nature.

If you ever find yourself stranded in nature where you have to fend off bears and find berries to eat, a man like Dwight will ensure your survival. As depicted in the show, Dwight knows an abnormal amount on wildlife and is pretty skilled at surveillance, having been a former volunteer sheriff deputy. Rest assured, if your boyfriend is like Dwight you will never have to worry about dying in the woods.

2. He (sort of) values family culture and tradition.


After inheriting his aunt’s beet farm, Dwight continued the tradition of growing and selling beets instead of selling the property for profit. A man like Dwight will pass on the tradition of beet growing (or whatever traditions your family keeps sacred) to his children and voice the importance of traditions.

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3. He financially provides so you won’t have to.


Dwight holds the title as the Assistant to the Regional Manager as a paper salesman and does a pretty decent job. Not only does he hold a stable job with benefits, he even runs a bed and breakfast at his beet farm. You’ll never have to scavenge for a wild berry again and may even be able to get away with not working at all, considering you'd take up the traditional roles of a woman in a household.

4. Dwight probably knows how to fend off supernatural creatures.

Dwight hints at his belief in (mythical) creatures like zombies, vampires, and werewolves. So, if a zombie apocalypse does hypothetically occur, you can be sure that the aroma of beets and the unusually large number of weapons that Dwight owns will help you survive till the next day.


5. He accepts all of your baggage.

Before knowing that Philip was his biological son, Dwight was going to accept Phillip as his own flesh and blood and propose to Angela. Everyone has their own baggage and a man like Dwight will (most likely) be very accepting and willing to look at the future rather than the past.

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