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Does James Charles Have A Sex Tape? New Details About The Beauty YouTuber's Latest Scandal

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Does YouTuber James Charles Have A Sex Tape?

Rumors have surfaced about a sex tape involving YouTuber James Charles — but are they true?

On Jan. 28, Twitter users claimed to have found an intimate video involving a man who appeared to be James, and they spread like wildfire. Although the 19-year-old makeup artist had denied being involved in the scandalous clip, which users claimed was posted on Facebook, he continued to be harassed about it.

James addressed the alleged sex tape leak multiple times on Twitter with a humorous approach. 

He denied the tape and revealed he's a virgin in doing so, just to clear things up.

"Apparently my sex tape is going around!!??? this is exciting news to me considering i'm still very much a virgin lol," he tweeted on Jan. 29.

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As if denying his involvement wasn't enough, he returned to Twitter earlier this week to yet again clarify the rumors are false, adding that he would have made himself famous and charge viewers if he ever was to have one.

“If my sex tape ever DID leak, you all would know, because I'd be posting it everywhere, fully monetized, with 34 mid-roll ads," he tweeted on Tuesday.

Although the rumors seemed to have died down, James is still being harassed into February, he says.

The rumors came just months after James revealed he had secretly been dating someone but that they had called it quits.

"I may or may not have been in a relationship for the first time ever," he said in a September video. "So literally for the first time ever sister James had a man, which nobody ever saw coming, I'll tell you that right now. And now the relationship is over for like the most insane reason ever."

James did not elaborate on said boyfriend, leaving his viewers wondering what sort of insane ending his relationship had. 

"This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me when it comes to a boy," he said, leading his fans on even more. 

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Could it have been his ex-boyfriend who started the rumors? There's really no way to know but you can't rule anything out, especially when it comes to celebrity rumors. He was also rumored to have been dating his longtime best friend Grayson Dolan, which they both denied and used as a tool to troll their followers on social media.

This sex tape scandal comes just after the YouTuber's chaotic meet and greet at a Morphe store in the UK, which caused quite a scene. 

Over 8,000 screaming fans showed up at Birmingham's Bullring shopping center to see James and possibly get the chance to meet him. The event quickly got out of hand, resulting in major traffic and a four-hour standstill on roads surrounding the mall. 

No matter what crazy situations the makeup mogul gets in to, one thing is certain — he's doing great. 

James has over 14 million subscribers on YouTube and his content consistently gets millions of views. He recently scored a collaboration with Morphe and has released his own merchandise line called Sisters Apparel, named after his loyal followers whom he refers to as "sisters."

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