Who Is Adrian Pasdar? Meet Natalie Maines' Ex-Husband (And Why Their Divorce Got So Ugly)

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Who Is Adrian Pasdar? Meet Natalie Maines' Ex-Husband (And Why Their Divorce Got So Ugly)
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After a long 14-year musical hiatus, the Dixie Chicks' (now just known as The Chicks, after recently dropping the first part of the band's name) recently announced they're finally releasing new music. 

Their new single, 'Gaslighter,' which was produced by the band, along with Jack Antonoff (who's worked with Taylor Swift, Lorde, and headlines musical group The Bleachers), was just released in March following a turbulent divorce of the group's lead singer.

The full album, titled with the same name, is set to be released on July 17.

Natalie Maines and her former husband of 17 years, actor Adrian Pasdar, finally finalized their divorce in December 2019 after a long and less than amicable legal battle.

Who is Adrian Pasdar? Pasdar had accused his ex and mother of their two sons of displaying, "aggressive" behavior and "playing games" in court. In a document he filed with the courts on February 4th, 2019, the actor said he was going broke and that Maines was to blame.

The couple married in 2000. Maines filed for divorce in June 2017. In the court documents, Pasdar stated that Maines, “decided to aggressively litigate this divorce, knowing that Respondent has no access to funds to pay the substantial past and future attorneys fees and costs.” 

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The former couple also argued over whether or not their prenup was valid. Pasdar was asking for $60,000 a month in spousal support, despite the fact that he made $400,000 last year.

Let's find out more about Natalie Maines' ex, their relationship, and their tumultuous path to divorce. 

Who is Adrian Pasdar, Natalie Maines' ex-husband?

He's an actor.

Pasdar made his film debut as Chipper in Top Gun in 1986 when he was only 19. He played Frankie in the 1993 Brian De Palma film, Carlito's Way

But Pasdar's major break into television came in 1996, when he was cast as the title character on the Fox series, Profit. He went on to star in Heroes, Judging Amy, Desperate Housewives, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., to name just a few of his credits. 

How did they meet?

Maines and Pasdar reportedly met at The Chicks member Emily Robinson Strayer's wedding. Maines was a bridesmaid and Pasdar was a groomsman.

The couple married in 2000 at Las Vegas' A Little White Wedding Chapel, and went on to have two sons together: Jackson Lade and Beckett Finn.

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Pasdar fought the prenup.

One of the main issues during their long divorce was the validity of the prenup the former couple signed prior to getting married. In one court filing, Pasdar had said that he, "does not recall the events related to the drafting and negotiation of the prenuptial agreement in 2000."

The prenup had stated that neither side would receive spousal support — something Pasdar had challenged. His attorneys said, "Natalie's assets and income are far greater than Adrian's. At present, Adrian lacks the financial resources from which to support himself and their children at a level anywhere near the marital standard."

The prenup also stated that Pasdar and Maines would have separate property.

Pasdar and Maines were already successful in their careers when they married. The prenup called for both Pasdar and Maines to keep the property they owned before their marriage, and all royalties for The Chicks music to be hers and his acting royalties to be his.

The couple also agreed they would not be paid child or spousal support, should they get a divorce. 

Pasdar claimed he was broke.


Pasdar filed an income and expense declaration during the court battle with Maines. He tried to convince the judge that he deserved $60,000 a month in spousal support.

He listed his income for 2018 at $423,931.03. His average monthly income was $18,000. Expenses included $7,000 rent for his apartment in Venice, California; $1,742 for his boat; $1,500 in health care costs; $962 on groceries; $835 on eating out; $715 on clothing; $908 on entertainment; $1,916 on auto expenses; $1,362 for child expenses; and $700 on household expenses.

He had claimed that his monthly expenses were $20,717 and that he had only had $2,571 in cash and bank accounts. He owed $68,000 to friends and family for loans they made to him for living expenses and attorney fees. He owed an additional $130,000 on a line of credit, and $52,000 to a former attorney during their marriage.

He also claimed that, during their marriage, Maines paid the mortgage, expenses, bills, bought their vacation home, and handled the kids' expenses. Pasdar said he usually paid for meals at restaurants and other small expenses for the kids’ extracurricular activities.

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But what about Maines?

Can you imagine how tedious Pasdar's efforts were to have his ex-wife bankroll his lifestyle? Maines had accused him of attempting to prolong the divorce, forcing her to spend a ton of money and time.

Time is something that was limited when she was trying to raise her two sons and record a solo album. She stated that her estranged husband was clearly on a, "transparent attempt to secure an unfair litigation advantage by wearing Natalie down and dragging this case out."

Their divorce has been finalized.

After a drawn-out, incredibly messy, two-year long legal battle, Maines and Pasdar's divorce has been finalized. On December 19, 2019, an official judgement was finally made, making the divorce legal, once and for all. 

In addition, legal documents from October 2019 showed that the former couple had come to an agreement to divide all of their finances.

The group's new album is about to be released. 

On July 17, fans of the iconic country music group will be able to listen to their newest album. However, the title of the album and its single has caused speculation as to whether or not it refers to Maines' ex.

As gaslighting is a well-known form of abuse in relationships, many wondered if the title was making a political statement or if it was really meant to reference Maines' relationship with Pasdar. Maines says in a recent interview, “I mean, I see Trump in it. But that is not who I wrote it about.”

One lyric even seems to reference Pasdar's boat, which he named after Maines. Fans also noted the timing of the album, as it was being written at the same time Maines was going through her divorce. 

Before the divorce had been finalized, Pasdar was actually attempting to get the songs handed over, claiming that they violated a confidentiality clause in the prenup. 

Luckily, however, the group's music was saved and fans will undoubtably be paying close attention to the lyrics when they can finally get their hands on the full album on July 17. 

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in February 2019 and was updated with the latest information.