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Who Is Ilka Bessin? New Details On The Comic From 'Comedians Of The World' On Netflix

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who is Ilka Bessin

Comedians of the World on Netflix features 30-minute stand-up routines from 47 comedians, who all come from different regions of the world. France, Australia, and India are just some of the countries who have spotlight comedians. But the unique thing about this series is that Netflix offers subtitles for the programs. So, now you have no excuse to not binge-watch every single routine.

And one of the specials you absolutely need to watch is Ilka Bessin. Though she’s a well-known comedian in her home country, we can learn a lot from her story. Things weren’t always easy for her, and that just goes to show that if you have a dream, and if you work hard and stop at nothing, you will be rewarded.

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So, who is Ilka Bessin? Here are six things to know about the comedian, her upbringing, and how she’s managed to turn her bad luck into a successful career.

1. She’s from Germany.


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She’s from Luckenwalde, East Germany, but currently lives in Berlin-Wilmersdorf.

2. Comedy wasn’t always her path.

Bessin was studying culinary arts and trained to be a hotel manager, eventually working as a chef until the Berlin Wall fell and Germany reunified. She then became a bartender in a club and a chief clerk. Ten years later, in 1999, she became an entertainment director and comedy performer on a cruise line.

3. She got her start in the early 2000s.

In 2004, she applied to be a waitress at the Berlin Live Club of the Quatsch Comedy Club, but was then invited to be featured as talent. She ended up winning the final season of the Quatsch Comedy Club stand-up show and launched her career!

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4. And since then, her comedy career has taken off.

She’s been part of the comedy series, Schillerstraße, had her own program, Nicht jeder Prinz kommt uff'm Pferd, was in the jury for the show Comedy Grand Prix, and was a voice for the dubbed version of the film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. Bessin had a guest role in the movie Elsterglanz und der Schlüssel für die Weibersauna, and was a reporter for the show Social Injustice in Germany.

But most of her success has come from the creation of her character, Cindy from Marzahn, which she developed in 2000. Cindy is “an overweight, long-term unemployed person” who is profane, loud, rude but gives a sarcastic and fatalistic view of life. By 2010, Bessin had her own show for the character, Cindy aus Marzahn. According to Bessin, Cindy is “80 percent me.”


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Aside from Cindy from Marzahn, she’s been on Really Funny, Brilliantly Next - The Quiz, and Payday! A suitcase full of opportunities.

5. She’s had multiple tours.


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From 2007-2008, she had the Schizophrenic: I Wanted to be a Princess tour, followed by the Not Every Prince Comes on a Horse tour from 2009-2012. From 2013-2014, she had the Pink is Bjutiful tour.

6. She recently published a book.

Her book, Abgeschminkt, came out in late 2018. It’s a book about her childhood, her time unemployed, and how she became successful.

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