Who Is Dave Merheje? New Details On The Comic From 'Comedians Of The World' On Netflix

He just released his own comedy special.

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Comedians of the World on Netflix features stand-up routines from 47 comics from all around the globe. If you’ve ever wanted a unique perspective on what life is like across the world, this is the series for you. These comedians hail from places like the UK, India, Germany, Australia, and even the Middle East. Talk about diverse!

But one comedian is standing out from the crowd with his special, Beautifully Manic. Dave Merheje’s style has been described as “aggressive, in-your-face funny” with a “no fear” approach when on stage, implementing storytelling to get his points across. Don’t just take our word for it, because his larger-than-life routine is sure to make an impact on you, too.


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But who is Dave Merheje? Here are five details to know about the comic.

1. He’s Canadian.


A post shared by Dave Merheje (@davemerheje) on Dec 18, 2018 at 10:51am PST

Merheje was born in Windsor, Ontario. His family still lives there, which gave him inspiration for his stand-up material. He pays special attention to his mother and father.


2. He’s always loved comedy.

According to his own biography, he’s had a love for comedy since a very young age. He eventually left Ontario and began performing in Detroit, Michigan, though he currently resides in Toronto.

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3. He’s had a lengthy comedy career.


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Merheje has toured all over Canada and the United States. He’s produced his own series of comedy shows called the We Ain't Terrorists Comedy Tour, where he performs with Ali Hassan. But he’s had success over the years.


He was part of the NBC Standup for Diversity tour in 2012, and has appeared at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, Winnipeg Comedy Festival, JFL42 in Toronto, the Halifax Comedy Festival, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. In 2018, he released a comedy special, Good Friend Bad Grammar.

4. He’s also appeared on television.

He had a comedy special air in Australia, and has made appearances on Comedy Network’s Match Game, and MTV Live. He’s a cast member on Mr. D, and has been on the television shows Criminal: Become Vengeance, We Are Disorderly, Ramy, and Too Much Information.

5. He’s won multiple awards.


A post shared by Dave Merheje (@davemerheje) on Dec 14, 2018 at 7:53am PST

Merheje won the Just For Laugh’s 2011 Homegrown Comic Competition, and NOW Magazine's 2011 Best of Toronto Award for Best Male Stand-up. In 2013, he was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Taped Live Performance.


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