13 Best Deep Conditioning Masks For Curly Hair

Give your hair the nutrients it needs.

12 Best Deep Conditioners For Curly Hair getty

Winter is murder on our skin and hair, causing frizzy, dry and drab results. While we can't do anything about the changing seasons, we can fortify our hair so it's ready for battle. And a great deep conditioner or conditioning mask is a powerful resource.

Of course, different hair textures have unique styling needs, which is why choosing a deep conditioner for curly hair is a great way to start. But if you aren't too keen on a deep conditioner, a a specific type of hair mask may be better suited to protect those fabulous tresses. Check out some of our favorites.


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1. O&M The Power Base Protein Mask

A protein-rich mask powered by rice protein and must-have for weakened hair. Key benefits include nourishing damaged hair, reducing frizz, and smoothing and strengthening hair growth.


(Sephora, $36)

2. CHI Deep Brilliance Deep Protein Masque Strengthening Treatment

This protein masque is formulated with a blend of Olive Oil and Monoi Oil. It is a strengthening treatment that reconstructs dry, damaged hair, especially curls and naturally textured hair. Its protein-rich complex of natural essential oils, botanicals, herbs, and vitamins leaves hair softer, stronger, and manageable.


(Ulta, $18)

3. BioSilk Color Therapy Intensive Masque

This intensive masque with gooseberry extract, VibraRiche® and rooibos, shields hair from color fading and environmental damage while adding strength and moisture. Bamboo extract will help seal hair’s cuticle to prevent color from fading while promoting richer, shinier and more vibrant tones.


(Biosilk, $18)

4. n:p beautiful Smoothing Conditioner

Get soft, silky hair with this smoothing deep conditioner. Infused with sustainably sourced raw lotus root, it also boasts a groundbreaking stem cell formula that’ll give hair the love it deserves. The result? Hair that shines from the inside out.


(Nordstrom, $30)

5. Keune Care Curl Control Mask

Keune Care Curl Control Mask deeply moisturizes and de-frizzes dry, curly hair without adding weight for soft, bouncy and frizz-free curls. Keratin proteins rejuvenate the hair fiber, boosting the curls’ strength. Raspberry seed oil, which is rich in vitamin E, and omega fatty acids, moisturize and soften curls while reducing frizz.



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6. Carol's Daughter Coco Crème Velvet Cream Hair Mask


This velvety cream hair mask gives hair a buttery dose of replenishing hydration. It offers an extreme moisture experience, leaving hair stronger, shinier and touchably softer.

(Carol's Daughter, $14)

7. Lasio Hypersilk Revitalizing Masque

Lasio Hypersilk Revitalizing Masque has multi-tasking down to an art form. This multi-purpose, reparative, keratin-infused conditioner works as a leave-in treatment, deep conditioner and masque all in one to add moisture and shine back into your curls, leaving them stronger, bouncier and more resilient.


(Lasio Inc, $32)

8. Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery Treatment

Rich Shea butter and avocado cream oil penetrate for a radiant sheen that reinforces a smooth tangle free curl. It's also great for restoring moisture and supple elasticity to damaged, tight, curly, kinky or transitioning hair. Its essential, intense deep treatment is a natural curl's secret weapon.


(Miss Jessie's, $14)

9. Creme of Nature Pure Honey Moisture Replenish & Strength Hair Mask

This is a strengthening moisturizer that tames and controls frizz. The mask is formulated with vitamins and mineral-rich honey to help keep moisture in, prevent breakage, and soften hair.


10. Pai-Shau Supreme Revitalizing Mask


This mask is blends unique ingredients with the brand's Signature Tea Complex and infuses weightless moisture and bountiful volume back into the hair. Supreme Revitalizing Mask nourishes damaged cuticles and leaves curls full of bounce and beaming with shine.


11. Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask

This powerful, professional-strength hair mask, sourced completely from plant-derived Amazonian ingredients, deeply penetrates the hair shaft and fortifies each strand from roots to ends. The fresh aroma of lavender and eucalyptus will calm and relax the senses.


(Aillea, $58)

12. Hair Bar NYC Ultimate Repair System Revival Curl Cream

This provides curls with incredible flexibility and holding power while actively deep-conditioning the hair. The thick consistency cream distributes evenly and creates a protective barrier around the hair, preventing frizz caused by exposure to moisture and fly-away hairs caused by static. 


(Hair Bar NYC, $34.99)

13. Amika The Kure Instense Repair Mask

This is an intensive turnaround treatment that repairs, restores and revitalizes weakened, damaged hair. And the smell? Oh my goodness, the smell! It's just divine.

(Amika, $38)

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