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4 Crucial Ways To Keep Toxic Love From Breaking Your Heart

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Toxic People & Toxic Love Cause A Toxic Relationship & A Broken heart

By Douh Deeb

Erin Hanson once said, “You must allow yourself to leave, even if breaking your own heart is what it takes to let you breathe.”

This saying is extremely true-to-life. Why should people hold onto something that slowly kills them from the inside? Love is unconditional and sweet. If it’s going to make you feel like you must be tied to a cinder block to not drown in that poisonous water, though, it shouldn’t even be called “love.”

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Toxic relationships have only one goal — controlling your actions and thoughts. Humans are naturally free to make their own choices. Toxic “love” forces people to make sacrifices which only please their lovers. It eventually leads you to lose your identity and sink into a never-ending well of sorrow and despair. 

Escaping from that maze is not easy, but you can leave if you do these four things.

1. Know your worth

You must make sure that you are the center of your own universe. Your partner should build you up and help you control your life. They should never overtake your decisions and selfishly focus on their own desires. True love pleases you first… and then others. When you put yourself first, you’ll close the path to anyone who wants to tear you apart. This way, you’ll leave the door wide open for those who truly care.

2. Follow your dreams

Dig deep inside yourself, and unravel your hidden potential. Ignite your senses, and don’t be afraid to take risks. Your partner will always want to see you bloom. They will always want to see you on top of the world and will help you make all your dreams a reality.

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3. Don’t change to please someone else

Each one of us is special and divine in our own way. A toxic partner, though, will ignore everything that shapes you and instead, will mold you into whatever they desire. Don’t bury yourself under the illusion of toxic “love.” Your true lover will accept you as you are. They will admire every little detail that makes you unique and wholeheartedly devote their heart to you. Don’t change, because you are heavenly.

4. Don’t be fake

Toxic people want to prevent you from expressing yourself just because they don’t want to deal with your problems. You may just decide to fake happiness in front of them and let misery’s blade wound your soul.

This is the wrong approach, though. Your true admirer will always handle your mood swings and help keep you happy. They will always want to see a genuine, bright smile on your face.

Once you realize that love is about you and only you, your life will begin. Your loved ones will make you happy, make all your dreams come true, and stay with you forever. They will be with you until you’re old and gray.

If you know that you control your existence, you can avoid toxic love. Unchain the toxicity binding you and destroying your soul. Wake from the hallucination of false love, and retrieve your heart.

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Douh Deeb is a writer who focuses on love, relationships, and dating. For more of his relationship content, visit his author profile on Unwritten

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