Kate Spade Suicide Note Update: Designer Allegedly Took Her Life After Husband Sought Divorce

New details emerged overnight.

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We are all still reeling from the sudden passing of fashion designer Kate Spade. For many it doesn't make sense. For some, the signs of depression and knowledge of how that feels are all too real. Please, if you are thinking that the world is a better place without you in it, seek help. 1-800-273-8255 is the national suicide crisis hotline.

People are there to listen. The world needs you. Now, let's get down to the new details surrounding Kate Spade's death and suicide note that have emerged overnight. It turns out, she left a clue. Kate Space suicide note details below:


1. "...Ask Daddy."

As we reported yesterday, Kate addressed the suicide note to her 13-year-old daughter Bea. In it, she said she loved her and that it was not her fault. She then wrote "Ask Daddy." That left us scratching our heads last night. This morning, however, we have a bit more insight into that. It appears that Andy Spade had asked his wife of 24 years for a divorce. Kate's spiral into a deep and dark depression happened in the days immediately leading up to her suicide, according to people close to the late designer. 


2. Andy moved out.

Andy and Kate had separated and he had moved out of their shared apartment and into his own place nearby. He was reportedly shopping for a new apartment for himself.


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3.  Kate struggled her whole life.

Kate's sister Rena Saffo told the Kansas City Star that her famous sister struggled with depression and mental health for most of her life. She had become especially fixated on suicide since the 2014 death of Robin Williams.  “She kept watching it and watching it over and over. I think the plan was already in motion even as far back as then,” her sister said.


4. David Spade responded. 

Kate's brother-in-law David Spade took to his Instagram Tuesday to air his grief. He posted the photo below and captioned it: "Fuzzy picture but I love it. Kate and I during Christmas family photos. We had so much fun that day. She was so sharp and quick on her feet. She could make me laugh so hard. I still can’t believe it. It’s a rough world out there people, try to hang on."


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5. Why didn't Kate get help?

This is a hard question to ask. Kate's sister Reta shed a bit of light on this, saying that she had been trying to get her sister into mental health treatment for a number of years but Kate was worried it would hurt the bright, fun, sunny nature of her brand if the world knew about her struggles with depression. 


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6. Her sister wasn't surprised.

Kate's older sister Reta had a lot to say to the Kansas City Star, including that she wasn't surprised by her famous sister's suicide. “I will say this was not unexpected by me. She was always a very excitable little girl and I felt all the stress/pressure of her brand (KS) may have flipped the switch where she eventually became full-on manic depressive,” Saffo wrote. It is important to note that it is unknown as to whether or not Kate was officially diagnosed with bipolar disorder. 


7. Family distancing themselves from Reta.

Kate's family is shocked and angry over Reta Saffo's claims about Kate. A source close to the family told People magazine that Reta had been estranged from Kate for a number of years. A source issued a statement saying: “The family is disgusted and saddened that at this time of great sorrow, Kate’s sister who has been estranged from the entire family for more than 10 years would choose to surface with unsubstantiated comments. Her statements paint a picture of someone who didn't know her at all.”

8. Advice from Kate herself. 

Kate and Andy did an interview and photo shoot at their stylish home with People in 2016. It is her words from that interview that I'd like to end this piece with. Let her life and legacy stand for itself and let her daughter, husband, family and friends grieve the woman they loved. Kate was asked what advice she'd give her younger self. This is what she said:


“Don’t rest on your laurels. The end result isn’t as important as the effort that goes into it. Jump all the way in. Don’t be afraid. And don’t worry so much. My dad always says ‘Just float.’ He’s very zen. Not every little pebble is a boulder."

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Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/news/local/article212609069.html#storylink=cpy. Why didn't Kate get help?This is a hard question to ask. If Kate struggled with depression and other mental health issues, why didn't she get help? Again, Kate's sister Rena shed some light on this via her emails to the Kansas City newspaper.